너무 미쳤어 한달 반이 지났는데 아직도 부작용이 있어요 😭. 나는 충분했다 내 생활고 건강이 나빠졌고 침대에서 모든 휴가를 낭비 되었어. 연차 휴가 동안 하고 싶은 일이 많았는데 부작용 때문에 아무것도 하지 않았어. 

다행히도 많은 인터넷 연구를 한 남편 덕분에, 내여보, 많은 사람들이 같은 부작용을 있는 것을 발견했어요. 나는 안심이되었어. 내 현기증이 심각한 것 같아서 걱정이 됐어. 어머니는 내 나이 때 암종으로 돌아가셨어. 

그래서 인터넷에 따르면 나는 비타민 C를 많이 먹어야 해. 부작용은 비타민 C를 많이 먹으면 일주일 후에 좋 절 거예요. 나는 지금 치료를 하고 있고 부작용이 잘 됐으면 좋겠어. 화이팅!
Mask-wearing may be a slight hindrance (or to some, a torture device imposing on civil liberties tantamount to a war crime) but I love how mask-wearing has granted me a sense of anonymity. Not that I'm ever in danger of getting mobbed, but it's refreshing to go out in public without having to acknowledge any acquaintances on the street (I don't know about you, but I reallyyy detest small talk 😖). And, this may be entirely psychological, as I've also noticed that mask-wearing has seemed to make people less inclined to approach one another (although the introvert in me loves that hah). But, the biggest upside to mask-wearing is the anonymity from mortal enemies such as exes you swore it'd be a cold day in hell before you ever wanted to see them again: to wit, I managed to breeze right past the worst exes ever, without being recognized because I was safely ensconced under a mask (okok the oversized sunnies also played a factor in obscuring my face 😎).

On the flip side, mask-wearing has made me unable to recognise my own friends on the street: I've had to call a friend up to locate them even in an open park, because everyone looks the same under their masks. So it was hella serendipitous that I bumped into, and actually recognised, a childhood friend, while waiting for the lift at the office. A childhood friend that I last saw almost 2 decades ago, yet by some fortuitous luck, I randomly remembered his somewhat distinctive walk but very distinctive frame. Perhaps, it might be because we used to cycle together all the time once upon a time, and my right elbow and left knee still bear scars of a fall caused by his prank-gone-wrong.

So anyways, long story short, after a hug-out, we arranged to meet for a proper catch-up at his favourite lunch spot, Gather. An offshoot of beloved but prematurely shuttered cafe Ronin, Gather serves up laudable French crepes and fantastic coffee. I love the ambience here, it's cosy, relaxed, and homely, and its locale facing the Bras Basah and North Bridge Road junction is perfect for people-watching.
The Husband and I have also added Gather to our roster of lunch takeout, ever since discovering the creperie on food delivery apps. He is obsessed with the salami-potato galette and I toggle between the Off-The-Bone and grilled cheese sando. Save for Caffe Cicheti, Gather makes one of the finest grilled cheese sarnies in all the land.
One of our favourite galettes, the Parma Ham ($19) is loaded with gruyere, cheddar, egg, and sprinkled with paprika, pink peppercorns, and parsley.

A meat-lovers dream, the Bolognese ($19) is stuffed with a rich medley of veal, beef, and pork mince, then layered with a duo of gruyere and cheddar cheeses, and egg.

For those with a sweet tooth, the Burnt Caramel Crepe ($15), burnished with a knob of softened bordier butter and dusting of icing sugar, is fantastic.

Strictly for sugar addicts, the Iced Chocolate ($8) is sinfully opulent. I love melty chocolate, but I had to split this.

I much prefer the refreshing and subtle tang of Kombucha ($9). Its purported health benefits are probably all hooey but I always feel so righteous whenever I have kombucha.

Raffles Hotel Arcade #01-12
328 North Bridge Road
Tel: 8462 2050 (WhatsApp for delivery only)
Open weekdays 8am to 6pm;
weekends from 8am to 8pm


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