Janggut Laksa vs 328 Katong Laksa, Queensway Shopping Centre

Queensway Shopping Centre, where locals flock to for all things sports and optical-related, is also known for good laksa. There are 2 laksa stalls, within a stone's throw of each other, both claiming to serve up the best. Both tout to be affiliates of world-famous Katong ones, and the accolades, writeups and publicity plastered all the utilitarian facades will attest to the fierce competition.

Seating at both eateries is cramped and constrained, so dining is really a touch-and-go affair. Both are manned by efficient, if a little curt, bevy of staff, and so turnover is high. Good news for the 5-minute-on-average long line of diners waiting their turn.

The menu is similarly limited, with laksa being the primary dish of choice, and its fixins' like otah and lime juice as regular side orders. Curry chicken, Chinese-style, is also a popular option.

Janggut Laksa 

The Laksa ($3.50 for small) here was disappointingly lackluster. It was insipid, and the milk had obviously curdled badly. I needed a lot of sambal to get through this.

The Curry Chicken ($5) was a lot more palatable. Robust and creamy, this had a lovely homecooked taste.

Janggut Laksa
#01-59 Queensway Shopping Centre
Tel: 6440 4633 / 9622 1045
Open daily from 10am to 9pm


328 Katong Laksa

The Laksa ($4) here was significantly better. Lively and spicy, and with bouncier prawns, this was a joy to eat.

The Otah ($1.10), while pedestrian, was fleshy and moist. A great complement to the laksa.

The stall facade for reference.

328 Katong Laksa
#01-60 Queensway Shopping Centre
Open daily from 10.30am to 9.30pm
Website: www.328katonglaksa.com.sg


Bulldog said…
Not sure where Bernice was born. I was born in Katong 69 years ago. There was never this 328 Laksa until a few years ago. The original Katong Laksa is Janggut Laksa whose stall was at one time in a coffee shop at the corner of Ceylon Road .Now that coffee shop is a PUB named Rabbit Gunn (not sure of the correct name) Also Not sure who is actually managing the Katong Laksa in Queenstown. But I know the original Katong Laksa is now at the basement of Roxy Square One and managed by Janggut grandchildren. I know one of Janggut children who is now a taki driver. It is the true and original Katong Laksa. Another very good Katong Laksa which I don't think Bernice have ever heard of is the Roxy Laksa now located at East Coast Park Food Centre. It is very good. Anyone who like Laksa must try Roxy Laksa. Nowadays many people can cook but they don't know how the original food taste like.
Bern said…
hi Bulldog, Roxy laksa is on my to-eat list, been hearing so much about it! will definitely try that and review it soon! thanks for the tip! :)
Bulldog said…
12325Madam, you must know where the good laksa is before you write.
Nowadays most of these youngsters do not really know the taste of real laksa. Have you tried the Katong Laksa at the basement of Roxy Square one?
Unknown said…
I agree with u. I can validate what u said as I frequenting laksa stalls at Ceylon since late 1970s. Jangut was then the undisputed laksa king. How good the new generation in running Janggut outlets is not clear to me however.
Bulldog said…
May not be as good when the old man Janggut was around. But what annoy me most was the name Katong Laksa used in Hawker Centres in Bedok, Jurong and so many other places even in Ceylon today.
Anonymous said…
Hi Bulldog,

do u knew the gentleman with the mole still around, last heard he suffer from some illness :-( I really love his laska during my secondary school days, think I eat till 2003, but now he is not longer be seen, Now I will eat every Tue at Katong Plaza served by a lady, lots n lots of memory when I always ordered from him,(jangly) during the old time , he do not use cockle...n also use a special made scoop made of coconut.....

Talking about Roxy laska, this is the BEST in the 1990, ....but BEFORE the east coast hawker renovation ...Is cooked n served by old couple, this is really the best, now his son took over (think is a Uni graduate ) , unfortunately the taste, gravy, is NO longer the same when is cooked by her parents in the 90s

I really missed the old times, memory flow back, sigh 😔
Bulldog said…
Those days you hear of Laksa only in Katong. Now it is all over Singapore The man with the mole is long gone. For convenient sake we call him Janggut. Because of his mole they call his Laksa Janggut Laksa. His stall was formerly at the corner coffee shop of Ceylon Road. You will never find another Laksa that taste likes like his anynmore. The Laksa served at Roxy Square One is from Janggut's grand children. They are not of the same taste as Janggut's but almost there. But still good compared with all the rest of the Laksa stalls in Singapore. Agree Roxy Laksa was the best in 1990. The recipe was handed down to his son. Taste - also agree not the same But I prefer the Laksa served by Janggut's grand children at Roxy Square one. They do ask if you want to add cockles. But to those who know how to eat Laksa they will never want to add cockels or tau pok where stalls at some places served 328 is not Katong Laksa.

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