Old Town White Coffee, Novena Square 2

*Sidenote: Pardon my choppy posts, as I'm dealing with moving house and an upcoming trial. Oh my, when it rains, it pours.*

I've always thought Old Town White Coffee is like a Malaysian version of Killiney Kopitiam. A primarily kopi place with a smallish warm foods menu centered around the breakfast duo of kaya toast and soft boiled eggs. Turns out, on closer inspection of its menu, the fare served up is really quite extensive, and very much in line with that of Madam Kwan's and Grandma's. Being a Malaysian franchise brought in by the multi-hypenate funnyman Mark Lee, the food is grounded in Malaysian classics like assam laksa, prawn noodles, nasi lemak, and ipoh hor fan. You wouldn't think that a skinny guy like Mark Lee would know much about food, but the food here is pretty awesome. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality, and how incredibly value-for-money the stuff is here.

Take for example, the Signature Dry Ipoh Chicken Hor Fan ($8.90), which is a must-try here. Not least because it's amazingly cheap and generously portioned. The slippery flat rice noodles went down like a dream with the wonderfully fragrant soya sauce. Moist and tasty poached chicken thigh, fresh and sweet prawns and the obligatory parboiled green veggies topped the substantive creation. Definitely one of the better ipoh hor fans I've had in a long while. I would return just for this alone.

Another signature, the Rendang Chicken Rice ($11.50), with fried peanuts and ikan bilis, piquant achar, kickass sambal that was as spicy as it was sweet, a fried egg, pappadom crisps and a mound of aromatic coconut rice, was awesome, and strictly for big eaters. Special mention must be given to the chicken, a hulking chunk of fried chicken thigh coated in that thick rendang rempah. It was juicy and lipsmackingly good. I was left sucking on the bone for every last bit of flavour.

The Paratha ($3.90) may have been of the generic supermarket frozen foods variety, but I appreciated that this was lacking in oil and nicely toasted. Besides, when married with really good curry, who cares about the soaking medium, right?

Have you ever wanted just potatoes in your curry chicken, but had to order the chicken just to get them? Well, at Old Town, you don't have to! There's an option to order just the Curry Potato ($2.90), with 7 large chunks of softly boiled potatoes dunked in a fiery, creamy, albeit oily, curry. This may have been a carb-overload with the prata, but it was just so delicious, I figured I'd just work that extra hour at muay thai class the next day.

Old Town White Coffee
Novena Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive
Tel: 6397 7078
Open daily from 8am to 10pm


FoodieFC said...

oh totally understand. Some of my posts are short and sweet too! I have never tried Old Town White Coffee before.

Ter said...

Was wondering when you'd post something! Hence this is the first time I'm writing something here. Am a big fan of this blog as grammatical errors are kept at a minimum haha. Yes and am a fan of Old Town as well - it's just across the road from the workplace and the quality is fairly consistent. The prawn mee is not bad too. Keep blogging!

Ter said...

Oops just realised I spammed lots of times - thought the captcha was rejected. Sorry ^.^

Bern said...

@FoodieFC: u shd try it, esp the ipoh hor fan, damn shiok!

@Ter: thanks for your support! Do let me know if u spot any grammatical errors, sometimes I sacrifice being meticulous for speed and efficiency. Heh.

Anonymous said...

I love the dry ipoh hor fun here too, but a tip - do not ever take this away, cos for some reason the receptacle used to pack the ipoh hor fun is incredibly tiny (about 1/2 of the portion you get when you dine in).

- S

FoodieFC said...

Haha. Bern, mine has lots of grammatical errors. Dont really have time to check. Normally either someone comment and tell me or I spot it only when I have the chance to re-read it.

Aiwei Allan said...

I was wondering if this cafe was any good so I'm glad you are recommending it.

Bern said...

@S: thanks for the tip! will take note of that. :)

hey aiwei, oh yes, we loved how cheap it is here! a definite value-for-money gem.

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