Guan Guan Seafood

Guan Guan Seafood occupies the same coffeeshop as the Shen Ji Chicken Rice. Where the chicken rice stall dominates in the day, Guan Guan steps up once night falls. This is one of our late-night haunts whenever a supper craving for cze char hits.

We like this eatery for its old-school appeal and uncomplicated, traditionalist approach to cze char. The food isn't the best of the lot but its eye-poppingly low price points goes a long way to drawing its regulars back time after time.

The Hotplate Beancurd ($8) was very commendable. Silky egg beancurd discs were sautéed with pork mince, silvers of champignons, Chinese black mushrooms, sugar snap peas and a spicy bean sauce then slathered over a blanket of scrambled egg and served on a sizzling plate to retain heat.

The Foo Yong Omelette ($5) was fantastic. Choc-a-bloc with sinfully tasty processed crabmeat, juicy Chinese black mushrooms, fresh prawns and sweet onions, this was demolished in seconds.

The Stir Fried Dou Miao with Garlic ($6) was delicious in its simplicity, relying on just a dash of light soy to season the pea shoots.

The Stir Fried Diced Chicken with Ginger and Spring Onion ($8) was awful though, which is such a shocker because I've had this before and it was pretty decent. This time round, the less-than-fresh chicken was extremely jarring against the delicate oyster sauce-ginger-spring onion seasoning. Big fail, this one. Suffice it to say, this was barely touched.

The stall front for reference.

Guan Guan Seafood
Guan Kim Restaurant
Blk 47 Tanglin Halt Road
Open daily from 5pm to 10.30pm

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