Craft Bakery and Cafe, Holland Village

Remember when those mix-your-own-flavour-on-ice-cold-marble-slabs ice-cream bars were EVERYwhere? You couldn't walk 10 feet without passing by one. Like at Holland Village, there were 2 in the short Lorong Mambong stretch! As with every food fad in the notoriously fickle Singapore F&B scene, they've all but disappeared now. Quick aside: Seriously, when will all these gung-ho budding entrepreneurs learn? Slow and steady, not quick and premature wins in the F&B race. While we're on this topic, I'm just waiting to see how long the hipster coffee joint fad will last. *End of aside*

After Cold Rock Creamery moved out of its Holland Village locale, the good people of 3 Inch Sin fame subsequently scored the prime spot and moved in. Oddly enough, they've chosen to rename their cafe Craft Bakery & Cafe, instead of riding on the goodwill of their 3 Inch Sin name. I don't quite get it. The food served is the same, price points are about on point and the decor is pretty much identical as well. Maybe there was an IP issue resulting from the ownership of the cafe, hmm?

Whatever the choice of name, we love that we now have yet another go-to place whenever we're craving something sweet late at night. The quality of the molten lava cakes here are definitely on par with its predecessor at Millenia Walk. I love the consistency amongst their branches.

The Coffee ($6.50) is my favourite for its bitter accents that contrast with the sweetness of the chocolate. A scoop of Macadamia Ice-Cream ($3) provide an icy juxtaposition against the piping hot lava oozing out of the warm confectionery.

For purists, the Original ($6.50) is your safest bet, and no yang lava cake is complete without its Vanilla Ice-Cream ($3) yin counterpart.

Craft Bakery and Cafe
Holland Village
24A Lorong Mambong
Tel: 6467 7710
Open daily from 7am to 11pm


andmorefood said...


I have a craving for chocolate :(

Bern said...

oh yeah, it can be your lunchtime treat today! :)

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