Lau Pa Sat Festival Market

Clearly, this is quite an outdated post, and I'm not sure if this will still be relevant after the revamp, but here goes!

I've never noticed this but there's quite a large number of stalls at Lau Pa Sat serving North Indian cuisine. It may have something to do with the fact that there is a correspondingly large number of Indian expats working in the CBD that flock to this open-air food court.

Beeps was hankering for some Indian food that day and so, we decided to try the Indian food here. The only North Indian food I've ever had were from fairly notable North Indian restaurants, and never from a food court, so I was surprised to find that this wasn't half bad. In fact, it was more than passable. What made it more palatable was the price points of the lunch sets here. I suppose they don't need to factor overheads such as air-conditioning and rental of nice restaurant digs.

The Lunch Set ($6) comprised some masala potatoes, cumin-laced sauteed long beans and carrots, a couple of tandoori chicken that could be a little moister, tasty biryani rice and a fragrant garlic naan.

I was craving something soupy and comforting during this weird early-arrival of a monsoon season, so I headed to the ever-popular Jason Yong Tau Foo. I tried to keep this vegetarian, with cabbage, kailan, tomatoes, fish paste-stuffed chillis and lady's fingers drowned in a pool of yellow beaned broth.

Lau Pa Sat is now closed for renovations so stay tuned for the latest addresses of my favourite stalls after it's scheduled to be open later this year.

Lau Pa Sat Festival Market
18 Raffles Quay


Navaneetham Krishnan said...

I eat Indian food very often therefore my take is the vegetable soup. Lots of veges and looks so good.

Bern said...

oh yes, it's a really light and delicate dish that's so comforting during rainy weather. it'll probably still be there after the renovations.

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