Wild Honey, Scotts Square

I think we're getting addicted to Wild Honey. This is my third post in 3 weeks. A bit excessive, I know, but it's just that their eggs are really really good! We truly think it's the best place to get brunch in Singapore. We like that in all our 3 visits, the food and service have been consistently above par.

We always hit up the Scotts Square outlet, because they take reservations. And, even if we're unable to get reservations, the counter seats are always available (these aren't up for reservations so as to leave availability for walk-ins).

The Portobello Road ($22), aka eggs benedict, was a duo of brioche towers layered with perfectly poached eggs on wilted spinach atop juicy baked portobello, spiced with sweet melted onions and coloured peppers, and a slathering of homemade Hollandaise sauce. I'm usually not a fan of Hollandaise sauces coz I find them too rich and cloying but Wild Honey's rendition is so utterly delicious. It was at the same time smooth, creamy, light and balanced. 

The Tunisian ($19) a sizzling skillet pan of shakshouka - eggs fried in a cumin-and-paprika-spiced mix of tomatoes, onions, peppers, and studded with chorizo. Delicately spicy with sweetish elements, this was mouth-wateringly delicious and great soul food for chilly weather. A couple of thick buttery brioche were on hand to wipe up every last drop of the lip-smackingly good sauce while a crisp cucumber-centric Israeli salad cut through the grease and spice with its uplifting freshness.

As usual, I had the Latte ($6), full-bodied and creamy, and wonderfully comforting during the rainy end-of-year monsoon season. As you can well see, Wild Honey still needs a lot of work with their coffee art.

Wild Honey
6 Scotts Road
Scotts Square #03-01
Tel: 6636 1816
Open Sundays to Thursdays from 9am to 9pm;
Fridays to Saturdays from 9am to 10pm
Website: www.wildhoney.com.sg


FoodieFC said...

No wondering I was wondering why I keep seeing Wild Honey in your blog. 3rd visit! I have yet to try this =s

Bern said...

Hahaa! A bit overkill right? We're attempting to order and try every dish on their menu!

Bern said...

You MUST try them soon!

Anonymous said...

you guys sure have tons of money to blow.


Bern said...

What rubbish. Wild Honey isn't that ex. It's not like we're indulging in champagne buffet brunches every weekend.

FoodieFC said...

Hi Bern

every dish!? wow. Pls tell me which are the two must order dish. haha.

To be frank, I have heard plenty of mixed reviews on Wild Honey. Hence, have not given this place a try yet. But at this rate (with you patronising them so often). I think I gotta try it. After all, you recommended Ban Leong butter crab and it was so delish!

Bern said...

The tunisian is MUST-TRY. and depending on your personal preference, the English (i.e. big breakfast with everything) or the Portobello Road (eggs benedict).

FoodieFC said...

Hi Bern


Aiwei Allan said...

The only other place where I've had authentic shakshouka was in Virginia, made by a Palestine chef and it's an awesome breakfast dish. I've tried making it for breakfast but never was able to replicate it. Sounds like I've got to check it out at Wild Honey.

Bern said...

Hey babe!! No idea what authentic shashouka tastes like but this was damn good. Worth a try at least, let me know when you wanna go...we do brunch when you're back??

Unknown said...

Hi Bern,

Thanks for the info that the place takes reservations. Shall keep that in mind if I decide to visit the place soon. :)

Haven't got to try out the place, although I've seen delicious pictures of the food there. Heard it's a little pricey though.

Bern said...

Hi Carys,
Hahaa, it isn't tht pricey considering that the portions are generous and awesome quality of their stuff. Actually, their prices r comparable with Choupinette! :)

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