Tatsuya Japanese Restaurant

While it's true that we've refrained from pricey kaiseki meals, it doesn't mean that I can't ever indulge. Especially if it's for a special occasion AND on someone else's dime! Muahahaa! It was Beeps' birthday and CC, very kindly and extremely generously, brought us womenfolk out to Tatsuya to sample the Autumn best of Japanese haute cuisine.

As usual, service was faultless. Discreet, warm and professional. Our green tea and sake cups never ran dry, and the various courses were a seamless rollover from one to the next. Little wonder towkays love this establishment.

We all had the $200 Kaiseki Course, the only kaiseki option Tatsuya had anyway. Notwithstanding the hefty bill, the substantial and practically flawless meal was well worth the pricetag. (P.S. Photos were taken with the iPhone 4S so picture quality is noticeably different from the usual posts.)

The Appetizer Course, with warm grilled gingko nuts, a duo of tepid kawaii prawns and chilled leek with freshly shredded prawns was a fabulous way to whet the appetite. I found myself hankering for more.

The Clear Soup with maitake, flavoured simply with fresh kelp and the quintessentially Japanese premium mushroom, was an exercise in restrained seasoning. Clear and delicate flavours abound here.

The Sashimi Course comprised, from top, otoro, amberjack, salmon belly, sweet prawn, swordfish and octopus. Bright fresh sweet flavours from the fleshy cuts of fish and seafood.

The Simmered Course, with a soft and mushy yam ball, a big fat oyster and spinach in a pool of delicate ponzu was mellow and savoury.

The Grilled Yellowtail Teriyaki, fresh and flaky, was served with a stick of pickled ginger to counteract the sweetness of the teriyaki marinade.

The Steamed Chawanmushi, with grated yuzu zest for a tangy freshness, was topped with salmon roe for a burst of seafresh accents.

I apologise for the lack of photos of the next fried tempura yasai and aburi sushi courses, I was too busy eating and chatting I'd completely forgotten to take pictures! Oops. In any case, they're exactly the same as with the previous kaiseki. The Miso Soup, with another variety of wild mushrooms, was served with the aburi sushi.

The Dessert of the day was a couple of fresh persimmon slices, direct from Japan. Juicy and sweet, this was a refreshing way to round off the very filling meal.

The Green Tea Ice-cream with Red Bean ($6), an additional order from the ala carte menu despite us being stuffed, was icily scrumptious.

Tatsuya Japanese Restaurant
22 Scotts Road
Goodwood Park Hotel
Tel: 6887 4598
open daily from 12noon to 3pm for lunch; 6.30pm to 11pm for dinner


Anonymous said...

CC sure aint in the poorhouse.


Bern said...

Of course not...he EP leh. :P

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