Ocean Curry Fish Head, Telok Ayer Street

Ocean Curry is one of those lunch spots that you'd have to be prepared to sweat it out. Not a very glamourous thing to do in your crisp work attire, really. It's crowded, stuffy, humid, and on a hot sweltering day, ensures that you get back to the office a sweat-soaked mess. There were times that we'd be hankering to have some fish head curry at Ocean Curry but were deterred by the heat and humidity of its unconducive surroundings. But, now that the monsoon season is well upon us, the regularly cool weather allows for lunch-time indulgence at the open-air eatery without the inevitable perspiration.

Despite its moniker, Ocean Curry Fish Head doesn't just serve up its claypot fish curry mainstay. They serve up a veritable repertoire of economy rice dishes, so even if you don't feel like curry fish head, you still get a full meal with other meats and vegetables. Just think of this as an economy rice stall that just happens to serve curry fish head as well.

The entire meal for 3 persons (inclusive of drinks) came up to just over 45 buckaroos. That's about $15 per person for a substantive 5-course meal. I love the super-value-for-money prices here. 

The Curry Fish is great for lazy folks like us who prefer not to dig through a fish head for fleshy parts. The batang fish was less than sparkling fresh, but the curry was great comfort soul food on a cool rainy day. Spicy, rich, potent with a touch of tanginess, this was served bubbling hot. I think I'd be happy eating this alone with white rice.

The Sesame Chicken with Mushrooms has a very familiar homecooked feel to it. Rich oyster sauce laced with sesame oil, this was fragrant and the chicken succulent.

The Pork Ribs, brushed with a sweet and sticky marinade, were tender and moist.

The Sauteed Spinach, simply seasoned with crisp ikan bilis, is a mild contrast to the rich curry of the claypot fish curry. 

The Sauteed Sliced Mushroom, laden with a delicate oyster sauce gravy, goes down the throat like a slippery dream.

Ocean Curry Fish Head
181 Telok Ayer Street
Tel: 6324 9226
Open Mondays to Fridays from 11am to 8pm,
Saturdays from 11am to 2pm,
Closed on Sundays


Anonymous said...

welcome to the poorhouse!


Anonymous said...

I remember eating at this place once and since I don't eat fish, I could only partake in the economical rice type of dishes while my colleagues wolfed down the curry fish head. Been eating their economical rice since my primary school days (there's a branch near my primary school).

Did you know they won "Best Economical Rice Stall" eons ago?


Bern said...

@Amanda: Yeah, the hubby loves their otah and deep fried squid, though he does admit that the quality has gone down. Waitaminute, u don't eat fish??!?? What a pity! U shd try!

Nope, didn't know they won any awards but it really isn't that surprising, seeing as they (used to) serve pretty yummy stuff.

Bern said...

@The Professor: I'm in the same "poorhouse" as u!

Anonymous said...

Yup I don't eat loads of things actually. I'm scared of choking on fish bones!

Have you tried the economical rice stall at Shenton House? (The one facing SGX). I like their chicken chops! The other dishes are so-so only though.


Bern said...

Hi Amanda,

I used to be scared of fish bones as well...after an unfortunate episode requiring the A&E extraction. But I've learnt to love eating fish...just have to be mindful of the bones.

The economy rice stall on level 1 or 2 of Shenton House?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bern, it's on Level 1, next to the Indian Food stall.


Bern said...

Oh I've been there! You're right, they're not bad. Not great, but not bad either. Some of their stuff are pretty alright.

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