Jane Thai Food, Orchard Towers

Update September 2016: Jane Thai has moved east to 41 East Coast Road, at 6966 5187, open Mons to Sat from 11.30am to 2.30pm; 5.30pm to 10.30pm

We were out with Beeps and her family for dinner. It's great that despite the addition of the little bub to her family unit, both husband and wife still make time to keep up with their friends. So often we see couples losing their individual identities and relationships, when a child comes along. They get so preoccupied with their kid(s) that they forget to maintain adult relationships, and sometimes, even their partnerships with their other halves becomes an unfortunate casualty in their new-found parental roles. I've found that this happens even when someone gets attached or married as well - they lose themselves in an isolated world that revolves around 2 persons. This is why I make a concerted effort to keep up with my friendships. This way, I continue to grow as an individual, and not stagnate and become a one-dimensional person whose life revolves entirely around the Hubs. Of course, everything is easier said than done, but at least I'm trying!

We were all craving Thai and since Beeps' hubby was around Orchard, we decided to hit up Jane Thai Food. It was good that we were early for dinner, and the Crazy Horse club next door hadn't opened for business, so we managed a relatively peaceful dinner. Otherwise, we would have had to yell above the top 40s music blaring out of the club.

While dining, we were informed that Jane Thai Food has expanded and spawned an outlet in the eastern heartlands. I suppose it was time they got onto the casual, family-run, cheapo but authentic, Thai food chain bandwagon. Make like Jai Thai and E-Sarn, and contribute to the proliferation of such value-for-money eateries.

We started off with some Thod Mun Kung ($10) deep fried prawn cakes that were a little overfried. That said, the textured prawn mince insides were juicy and tasty.

The Phad Ka Nang ($6) crunchy kailan with oyster sauce was fragrantly dressed with golden crisp garlic bits. That was a nice touch.

The Fried Red Snapper ($20), possibly one of the cheapest fried fishes around, was good enough on its own without requiring the sweet Thai chilli sauce on the side. A tad, just a tad, fishy, especially the parts closer to the belly and gills, but overall an above average dish in light of its low price.

We love the green curry chicken ($10). Chicken was succulent and juicy, and curry was rich, creamy and appropriately spicy.

The Phad Si Yu ($5) fried kway teow with chicken was very well-fried, so even if it was a little oily, this was memorably delicious. Flavoursome and smoky.

The Khao Phad Saporod ($6) pineapple fried rice was yummy as well, with generous chicken chunks and a fruity pineapple accent that came through every mouthful.

Jane Thai Food
400 Orchard Road
#04-30 Orchard Towers
Tel: 9054 4219
Open 6pm to 4am


stargirl said...

my, those prawn cakes look delicious...

Bern said...

Looked better than they tasted though. The chef probably forgot about them in the fryer. Wahahaa!

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