Sushi Tei, Thomson Plaza

Now that we're trying to purchase our home, we've cut back on our spending. Yes, that means $200-a-pop kaiseki meals are a no-go. Sob! And because we've been so spoilt by our kaiseki meals, and nothing but the best will ever do for us anymore, we've refrained from having Japanese food in quite some time.

But we were recently hit with a craving for Japanese fare, and so, to satisfy that without putting a dent in our housing fund, we headed to Sushi Tei, possibly the most value-for-money, mass market Japanese food chain in SG. We just stuck to the simple, cannot-go-wrong, cooked stuff. Besides, my brothers like the place and had suggested heading there for our monthly dinner meet-up. We went to the Thomson branch because it's super near to Pops' place, and figured it'd be quicker if we walked instead of driving over.

The Salmon Mentai ($6) a slice of salmon coated with a layer of creamy cod roe and baked till a caramelized char on rolled sushi rice is great for newbies who are a little averse to the idea of raw fish.

Tamago Maki ($2.20), J-Cup's fave for its simplicity, was reasonably well done. Compact sweet egg omelette with moist vinegared rice and crisp seaweed.

The Salmon Shio ($10), a thick fleshy piece of grilled salmon seasoned simply with salt, was done well, moist with delectably crisp skin.

We also had the Gindara Teriyaki ($12.80), grilled cod fish brushed with teriyaki for a smoky sweet finish.

The Asari Misoshiru Soup ($10.80) with asari clams flavoured with salty miso and smooth beancurd cubes was rich and full of umami goodness.

The Dobinmushi ($6) a clear broth flavoured with a whole salmon, crab leg and sweetened with vegetables served in a teeny tea pot, was delicate but sweet.

Sushi Tei
301 Upper Thomson Road #03-46
Thomson Plaza
Tel: 6457 6678

Open daily from 11.30am to 10pm
Website: www.sushitei.com


FoodieFC said...

i love clams! hard to go wrong unless they did not leave it in salt water prior to cooking to remove the sand.

Anonymous said...

I like Itacho Sushi at Ion Orchard but there's always a queue :( The egg is really good and the grilled pork sushi makes me salivate!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the poorhouse!


Bern said...

@FoodieFC: Eh, I don't really like clams but I do like the soupy base made with clams!

@Amanda: Yeah I've heard good things abt Itacho as well, and yes, also about the horrendously long queues. I think that's what puts me off about that place!

@The Professor: Eh, u don't get to claim to be in the poorhouse. U don't qualify at all! Hmphf.

yixiao said...

having your own place - it will be worth it!

Bern said...

Yeah, that's what we figured! :)

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