Renn Thai, Clarke Quay

I've mentioned previously that Renn Thai is quite obviously geared towards the tourist dollar, so unless I'm in the area and craving Thai food, I wouldn't think of Renn Thai as the go-to place. But, this is one of Pops' fave Thai eateries, and since it was his birthday and he was craving Thai food, we met up for dinner there.

We started off with the Si Ahan Wang ($21) a combination platter of deep fried spring rolls, Thai satay, fish cakes served with peanut sauce, rice crackers with minced chicken and prawn dip. With the exception of the fish cakes, which I'm not a fan of, the rest of the starters were great.

We had an extra portion of Por Piah Tod ($8.50) deep fried spring rolls that managed to stay juicy inside but with a wonderfully crisp golden exterior.

The Satay Gai ($12.50) Thai satay chicken was succulent, juicy and paired with a kickass spicy peanut sauce.

The Guy Yang ($17) Chiangmai grilled chicken was aromatic and had a very pleasant smoky accent to the thoroughly marinated meat.

I liked the addition of sugar snap peas in the Phad Kra Pow Gai ($18), stir-fried chicken with basil and peppercorns. The greens lent texture to the spicy fragrant mince.

The Kaeng Kheow Wann Gai ($22) rich and creamy green curry chicken was great with steaming hot white rice.

The Tom Yum Gai ($18 for pot) spicy sour soup with chicken was heady, robust and tangy, but despite the menu claiming that the pot can feed 3-4 persons, this can really only feed 1 hungry person, or 2 small eaters.

The Phad Phak Narm Mun Hoi ($14) stir-fried mixed vegetables with oyster sauce was a welcome respite from the rest of the spicy dishes. This was a nice balance of textures and nicely savoury.

Renn Thai
Blk 3D River Valley Road
#01-05 Clarke Quay
Tel: 6338 7200
Open daily from 12noon to 11pm

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