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Beeps and I brought CC out for lunch at Noble House for his birthday. The last time any of us were here was for Beeps' birthday 2 years ago! Time really flies, Beeps' is now a mother of an adorable little boy, and I'm getting married. And well, CC's still CC, he's totally the same guy! He's evergreen, like the classics. 

We've never been the buy-a-birthday-cake-and-surprise-each-other-in-the-office type of people. And for as long as I've worked with CC and Beeps, we've always just bought each other meals for our birthdays. It's a lot more cosy, and we always have a hoot chatting over a long meal (as if we don't already talk A LOT to each other in the office...hah).

Noble House is located at UIC Building, which is super convenient for us because it's just opposite our office building. According to CC, UIC Building is going to be torn down by the end of the year. I wonder what's gonna happen to this venerable restaurant. Hmm.

We started off with the Steamed Glutinous Rice ($4.20 for 2 pieces), moist pearly grains of sticky rice stuffed with a mixture of dried shrimps, diced chicken and seasoning. This wasn't the best I've tried, but good enough.

I didn't try the Rice Flour Rolls ($5.50) "cheong fun" because it was laced liberally with parsley, alongside cubes of barbecued pork. Apparently, according to Beeps, this was pretty nice. Flour skins were thin enough.

We like the Barbecued Pork Buns ($3.80) "Char Siew Bao" here. Fluffy buns stuffed with sweet and sticky barbecued pork.

We also liked the Deep-fried Beancurd Skin Rolls with Prawns ($4.80), prawns were sweet, juicy and crunchy while the beancurd skin was tasty and crisp. A sliver of mango lends a fruity contrast to the prawns.

Somehow, the Braised Fish Maw ($14) in supreme broth here isn't as good as the one at Tung Lok Signatures at The Central at Clarke Quay. It was just lacking in that umami depth and the fish maw wasn't as tasty.

We eat lots of greens whenever we go out with CC, and this was one of 2 vegetable-centred dishes. The Poached Seasonal Vegetables ($18) with bamboo fungus and crispy conpoy in superior stock was very light, very delicate, with a milky stock reminiscent of shark bone soups.

The Sauteed Star Garoupa Fillet ($38) with fungus and greens is also one of my favourite dishes whenever I visit any Tung Lok outlet. The dish is so lightly seasoned that the focus is all on the main ingredients, fresh plump flaky fish, crunchy black fungus and sweet snow peas.

Update 29 Feb 2012: The restaurant is now closed because UIC Building is slated for demolition.
Noble House
5 Shenton Way #06-13
UIC Building
Tel: 6227 0933
Open daily from 11am to 3pm for lunch and 6.30pm to 11pm for dinner

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