Ayesha's Kitchen and Passion Cafe, Tung Ann Building

Min and I met up for lunch at the row of eateries along McCallum Street on the first floor of Tung Ann Association Building.  Although there are about 5 different eateries, you can order from several stalls at the furthest end of the row while sitting at the opposite end. Generally, the Indian and Malay stalls serve better food. The good thing about the food here is that it's cheap and fairly good, the bad thing is that it's not air-conditioned, so unless there's a steady breeze, you'll end up back in the office dripping with sweat.

The Bee Hoon Goreng Ikan Bilis ($4), from Ayesha's Kitchen, had a nice smoky scent to it, with salty crisp ikan bilis lending flavour to the noodles.

The Mee Rebus ($3), from the Passion Cafe, needed a bit more depth in the gravy. It had too much starch but not enough nuttiness and flavour.

Ayesha's Kitchen
141 Cecil Street
#01-01 Tung Ann Association Building

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