Fatty Weng Restaurant

It's been a while since we've double-dated with Beeps and her hubs. Now that there's 3 of them, with a baby boy in tow, it's harder to meet up with them. But it's nice that we still make time for each other. We were hankering for some cze char fare and revisited Fatty Weng, one of Beeps' favourite cze char places.

This old-school eatery may look unassuming, and almost derelict due to its open-air roadside location, harsh florescent lighting, and makeshift plastic tables and chairs, but it's a firm favourite of many Chinese tow-kays. While the food is a mixture of hits and misses (more hits than misses), I thought the prices, in general, were a little upmarket for a place like this. Still, they do good, familiar cze char fare that tends towards Cantonese favourites.

The Winter Melon Soup ($15), only available sporadically, but boy, is this good! A refreshingly delicate and clear broth is chunked up with diced carrots and meat in a hallowed out winter melon and steamed for hours so the nutrients of the winter melon seeps into the broth.

We scraped out the sides of the winter melon and slurped up the rich yet light soup. Nutritious, wholesome and utterly delicious.

The Ginger Spring Onion Chicken ($12) was very homestyled, and utilised the simpliest of seasoning, fresh spring onions and heaty ginger, to flavour the dish. Only gripe I had was that the chicken was very boney. Too little meat for such a dish.

The Black Pepper Beef ($12), in contrast to the chicken dish, was very robust, with a heady pepper gravy dousing the tender beef slices. A generous helping of crisp onions help lift this dish from its spiciness. Not very refined but comforting.

The Crabmeat Beancurd ($12) was quite disappointing, the beancurd waterlogged, the snow peas tasteless, and the crabmeat was of the frozen variety, so it had a fishy element to it.

The Spinach with Mushrooms ($15) was delicious though, plump, juicy, well-braised mushrooms, with simply sauteed spinach in a luscious oyster sauce gravy.

I didn't think the San Lao Hor Fan ($8) was that great, but Beeps certainly thought so. I felt that while the fish was fresh, the slices were a little too skinny, and the beansprouts should have been relieved off their heads and tails.

Fatty Weng Restaurant
90/92/94 Guillemard Road
Tel: 6345 2702
Open daily from 4pm to 2am

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