Tomo Izakaya

It seems that I'm only here when I'm having lunch with CC and Mr J. The last time I was here, more than a year ago, was also with the both of them.

Since a year ago, there are less restaurants offering the Clarke Quay Weekday $15 Set Lunch Promotion. Tomo Izakaya is one of the best lunch spots under this promotion. Their bento set lunches usually make for a full substantive meal, and generally of reasonable quality. Tomo Izakaya has 2 different choices for the set lunch, 1 with fish and the other with beef.

Set A is paired with simmered gindara, and served alongside tuna and salmon sashimi, chicken gyoza, prawn and avocado salad, rice, pickles and miso soup. The cod fish was fresh, creamy and mild, and everything else was fairly good, except the sashimi, which weren't particularly fresh.

Set B is paired with simmered beef and potatoes, sides of deep fried sliced burdock, sashimi, prawn avocado salad, rice, pickles and miso soup. Save for the sashimi, the rest were reasonable alright.

Tomo Izakaya
3A River Valley Road #01-04
Clarke Quay
Tel: 6333 0100
Open Sundays to Thursdays from 12pm to 2.30pm for lunch and 6pm to 1am for dinner;
Fridays, Saturdays and Eve of Public holidays from 12pm to 2.30pm for lunch and 6pm to 3am for dinner.
Website: www.tomoizakaya.com/


Anonymous said...

Hi ,

Eileen from Tomo Izakaya here.

Thank you for taking time to share feedback here.

The fish used for sashimi in Tomo Izakaya is always fresh and of the highest quality.

What you experienced was unacceptable.

On behalf of Tomo Izakaya, I would like to apologize for the food quality that we served not up to your expectation.

We will take your feedback into account and hope you will give us another chance to make these improvements.

Looking forward to see you again at Tomo Izakaya.

Bern said...

Hi Eileen,

We actually do like the $15 lunch set deals, it's really quite value-for-money. The freshness of the sashimi was the only tiny little gripe we had about the set. Even so, we still thought that the set meal was very worth it.

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