Le Chasseur

Le Chasseur is probably not a name one would associate with a cze char place, the name being so French and food being so local. Apparently, the owner, who had a restaurant of the same name in Mauritius (which used to be a French colony, hence the French name), adopted the same name for his establishment when he set up shop in Singapore. 

I'd previously walked past this cze char stall when heading to Song Fa Bak Kut Teh, located only a few shops away, but never really taken notice of this always-seems-to-be-a-full-house eatery.

But when CC, Mr J, The Professor, Mr Harvest-The-Crops and I went to lunch at Song Fa and found a horrendous queue forming outside the famed pork ribs soup place, we formed Plan B and headed to Le Chasseur instead. We were further enticed by the yummy food smells wafting through the restaurant.

We were glad we ate here, all 7 dishes save for 1 were delicious. Prices were very reasonable, service was fairly efficient and best of all, there was air-conditioning (very important for the unpredictably hot and rainy weather nowadays). We started with the Yam Rice ($6.20), wrapped in lotus leaves for fragrance. The rice was fried with "wok hei", a smoky fragrance indicative of a really hot frying wok. Cubes of diced yam, Chinese sausage and mushrooms lent texture and sweetness

The Duck Soup ($13) simmered with salted vegetables, was very well done. Soup was salty and full of body with the richness of the essence of duck, having been simmered for hours. The duck was also fall-off-the-bone tender, while tomatoes provided a sweet juicy tang and cut through the rich saltiness of the soup.

Clockwise from top left: Salted Fish Eggplant ($6.70), Prawn Paste Chicken ($5.80), Sin Chew Beehoon ($5.80), Pork in Black Vinegar ($8.80). All 4 were delicious, with a homestyled, unpretentious appeal, not too oily or salty but still loaded with flavour.

The Tomato Omelette ($5.50) was the only disappointing dish. Mainly because the salt was so unevenly sprinkled. Some of us bit into undissolved salt crystals. Obviously, none of us ate the cucumbers.

Le Chasseur
31 New Bridge Road
Tel: 6337 7677
Open daily from 11am to 11pm

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I need a top up meal at Song Fa.


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