Thai Express, Holland Village

We'd originally planned to go to Crystal Jade Kitchen at Holland Village but it was closed for renovations till the 15th of the month, so we hopped over to Thai Express for a late dinner.

Thai Express isn't your typical Thai restaurant serving the usual ala carte dishes like stir-fried minced pork with basil, pandan wrapped chicken, or fried fish with crispy garlic. Instead, this Thai fast-food eatery focuses on one-dish items like rice, noodles, Thai laksas, curries, soups and a small selection of simple appetizers. This is a place for a quick, no-fuss meal.

The Poo Tod Kratiem Phrik Thai ($7.90) of Soft Shell Crab is fried to a gorgeous golden crisp. The BF is still staying away from fried foods, so I got to have this all to myself. Yums.

The Ka Nah Phat Het ($7.90) Kailan with Mushrooms, is simple, classic and flavoursome, especially with the fragrant crispy garlic bits sprinkled atop the greens. 

The BF got the Sen Lek Neua ($10.90) classic Thai Beef Noodles. The broth was rich, robust and heady, with tender beef slices and slippery smooth flat rice noodles.Basil leaves lent a refreshing edge to the otherwise too-rich dish.

I prefer lighter flavours, so I got the Woon Sen Kaeng Chued Kai Jiew ($9.90) Glass Noodles with Chicken in Chicken Broth. I'd asked for them to hold off the coriander, but somehow the broth still reeked of the taste of coriander, which really put me off. It was fairly obvious that the cook accidentally added in coriander and then took it out. Of course I sent the dish back and asked that they redo the soup base. That's how much I don't like coriander. The dish came back much better the second time round, light and delicate, without the yucky coriander taste.

Thai Express
Holland Village
16 Lorong Mambong
Tel : 6466 6766
Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday from 11.30am to 10.30pm
Friday and Saturday from 11.30am to 11.30pm
Sunday from 11.30am to 11.00pm
Website: http://www.thaiexpress.com.sg/


Sparkling or Still said...

I just read your posting on Thai Express, and found out that both of us share something similar: I totally hate coriander. haha

Bern said...

Yeah that's right! That's why most of the dishes here do not show any coriander. I'd had to learn all the different ways of naming this yucky herb, "cong", "xiang cai", "qing cong", cilantro, parsley, coriander...just so I can tell the different establishments not to put that in my dishes.

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