Honjin Restaurant & Bar, Robinson Road

CC, Mr J, Mr Harvest-The-Crops and I went out for Japanese food at Honjin. I'm not a fan of this place, but CC likes their value-for-money set lunches. In any case, my tastebuds were shot to hell because I was nursing a sore throat.

The Daily Special Set Menu ($19) is served with a Crab Salad. This was refreshingly crisp and light, with the use of Japanese wafuu dressing. Several whole crab legs topped the simple but premium creation.

The Teriyaki Chicken was a little fatty, but tender and well marinated.

Chilled Shimeiji Mushrooms provided another refreshing element to the set meal. I didn't like this. I would have preferred sauteed mushrooms in soy.

I got the Yu Tofu ($12) tofu in slightly salted water that was passed off as a clear soup, a very very VERY bland dish. Notwithstanding the sore throat, I thought this was awful.

I liked the Green Tea Ice-Cream with Red Bean ($5). The red bean was sweet and nutty, and the ice cream had just the right amount of creaminess.

Mr J had the Black Sesame Ice-Cream ($5), which was also pretty good.

Honjin Restaurant & Bar
140 Robinson Road
Chow House #01-00
Tel: 6222 2243
Opening Hours:
Lunch from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm
Dinner from 6 pm to 10:30 pm
Website: www.sunrestaurant.com/honjin.htm


stargirl said...

you had ice cream while nursing a sore throat? tsk tsk... haha!

Bern said...

That ice cream was the only nice thing I had for lunch, the soup was horrendously tasteless. Oh well, I'm paying for it now...with a cough. Hahaa!

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