Astons Specialties, KeyPoint

Astons is one of those homegrown success stories of a hawker vendor made good. In a short span of 5 years, what used to be a humble local western food stall has spawned a chain of 2 dozen restaurants and hawker stalls. It's largely due to its philosophy of serving quality western food at affordable prices easy on the wallet. Which explains the amount of teeny-bopper kids filling up the restaurants.

Whilst the beef items are fairly good and value-for-money (steaks are priced at the unbeatable range of between $12 to $25), the rest of the menu is really quite a hit-and-miss affair. 

As the BF is on a high protein diet (apparently, he says he needs the extra protein for those rippling muscles of his), he got the Prime Ribeye X'tra Cut ($16.90) with Corn on the Cob and BBQ Beans. The robust, full-bodied meat was nicely charred, and grilled to a perfect medium. I liked the corn, it was juicy and sweet. The accompanying sauce for the steak was very limp and weak though.

I prefer white meat to red, so I got the Hickory BBQ Chicken ($6.90) with Onion Rings and Baked Potato. The chicken thigh was marinated long enough for the flavours to seep into the meat.I felt the chicken tasted good on its own and didn't need the overtly sweet barbecue sauce slathered over it. The sides were standard fare but good.

The Grilled Fish with Herb ($7.50), with Mashed Potato and Garden Veggie was just alright. I didn't like the celery and pickle based cream sauce slathered over the dory fish. The mashed potato was not good either, the potato was the instant type and the sauce was very limpid. The broccoli and baby carrots were also steamed a little too long, but I like very soft vegetables so that was fine with me. That said, the herbs rubbed onto the dory fish was aromatic and brought out the natural sweetness of the fish.

Astons Specialties
371 Beach Road
KeyPoint #01-07
Tel: 6295 6026
Open daily from 11.30am to10pm
Website: www.astons.com.sg/

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