Marutama Ra-Men, The Central

The BF and I skipped out of the CBD for a quick lunch rendezvous at The Central. Because our offices are far apart enough to make meeting up for lunch a bit of a hassle, we rarely meet for lunch. But, every once a while, when we have the time, we'll meet up for lunch. Although we're arguably one of those cringe-worthy "lovey-dovey" couples, I relish the fact that we work in different firms. I don't think I'd ever want to work in the same firm as the BF. I like that I have my own "space" when I'm at work. Plus, I'll probably be too distracted to work if we were in the same firm.

Marutama Ra-Men is one of the more well-known ramen shops in Singapore, specialising in chicken stock based ramen. When it first opened, there were reports of hour-long snaking queues, which was why I didn't bother trying this place then. It's got 4 branches now, which meant that the crowd at the first branch at The Central is consequently smaller. When we visited on a weekday afternoon, we got a booth seat immediately.

I got the Marutama Ramen ($12) Chicken Soup Ramen with Ajitsuke Tamago ($1) a half-boiled seasoned egg and Char Siu ($4) sliced roast pork. I've read reviews that the ramen here is a little too salty, and it's true. Whilst the milky chicken stock base is flavoured just right, rich in depth yet delicate, the addition of the soy marinated pork slices tips the sodium level of the dish to overtly salty. That said, the egg is done perfectly though, soft and wobbly but not the least bit runny. The noodles are chewy and retain just that perfect amount of bite, without being soggy, even to the last bite. Just remember to drink lots of water to prevent water retention.

The BF got the Nama Karashi Ramen ($12) Spicy Chicken Soup Ramen with Ajitsuke Tamago ($1) a half-boiled seasoned egg and Char Siu ($4) sliced roast pork, which was a slightly peppery version of mine. Marutama offers deep fried garlic slices as a condiment on the side, which lend an aromatic element to the soup. If only they could tone down the salt levels of the soup base, this would have been slurpilicious.

Marutama Ra-Men
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central at Clarke Quay
Tel: 6534 8090
Open daily from 11.30am to 10pm

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