Hari Raya Lunch

Every year during the Hari Raya season, the firm will organise a Hari Raya Lunch. We get to indulge in spicy Malay food for lunch. This year the lunch was catered from Absolute Catering at $9.50 per pax, which is ridiculously cheap. The food consequently was lackluster, with very few standouts.

The Mee Siam Goreng, Fried Mee Siam was not bad, the noodles weren't too dry, and it had that faint aromatic scent of tumeric and lime mee siam spices.

The Nasi Tomato, Tomato Fried Rice, was yawn-inducing, the rice was clumpy and tasteless.

The Fish Fillet with Black Bean Sauce was one of the better mains, the dory fish fillets were fairly fresh, but the batter was too thick and the black bean sauce was too starchy.

The Ayam Masak Rendang, Chicken stewed in Rendang Spices, was bad too, the chicken pieces were dry and tough.

The tiny prawns used in the Sambal Udang Madhura, Sambal Prawns, weren't fresh at all. The flesh was powdery and stuck to the shells.

The Lemak Sayur Lodeh, Curry Vegetables, fared better, the vegetables were crunchy and the coconut milk curry was substantially spicy and rich.

I would have liked the Bagedel, Potato Cutlet, if not for the fact that it was laced liberally with coriander! Urgh!

The Cream Puff wasn't too bad either, it was fluffy and light.

The Assorted Biscuit Raya, with Red Date Cookies, Peanut Cookies, Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies, and Sugar Cookies was a taste of what our Muslim friends have for Hari Raya. The Red Date Cookies (the one that looks like pineapple tarts on the top left of the plate) fared the best, the dates added a smoky sweetness to the pastry.

Absolute Catering Team Pte Ltd
8A Admiralty Street
#04-05 Food Xchange @ Admiralty
Tel: 6756 6562

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