The Kong See

오랜 라디오 브레이크 그래서 실례합니다. 일에 미쳐서 너무 나는 바빠서 자유 시간이 없 블로그를 할 수 없었어요. 

이 레스토랑은 셰프 레스토랑 주인 윌린 로우의 최신 식당이예요. 오랜만에 블로거 이벤트에서 만났어요. 전직 변호사지만 놀랍게도 부드럽고 내성적이었어요. 또한 '모드신 요리의 창시자'로 알려진 나는 항상 윌린 로우의 요리를 좋아해요. 

콩씨는 매우 새로운 레스토랑 바 이자카야이지만 음식과 서비스는 훌륭했어요. 유일한 불만은 음악이 조금 시끄럽고 (언힙 아줌마이기 때문이야ㅋㅋㅋㅋ) 우리 테이블이 너무 더웠서 나는 땀을 많이많이 났어요 (슈퍼 탁 글램ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ).  
The KongSee is lawyer-turned-chef Willin Low's new venture, a modern Singaporean (or "mod-Sin" as coined) izakaya modeled after his pop-up Roketto in Niseko during ski season. Notwithstanding my S.O.P. to only visit a restaurant after its first birthday, we had dinner at The Kong See barely two weeks after its official opening, simply bc our friends managed to snag reservations. 

For a two week-old joint, The Kongsee was a delightful surprise. The food was outstanding, and ditto with the excellent service. If I had any issue, it would be that our second order of laksa went M.I.A. for a bit, and our table, being right next to the open entrance, was most uncomfortable in light of the sweltering weather. The Husband spent most of the night wiping sweat off my back (and underarms too if I'm being honest😜). The profuse perspiring was, to say the least, most 'tak-glam'.
Another thing, because it is a bar, music by way of a live DJ will be loud. So be prepared to use your "shouting voice". Then again, my being middle-aged and unabashed leaning into aunty-dom might have had something to do with my antipathy towards loudness. 

The Ika Geso Karaage ($32) was essentially calamari, with an Asian twist. Squid tentacles battered Japanese style, was stippled with kaffir lime strips, mayonnaise, and a lime wedge for a little perk-me-up. 

The Vegetarian Gado Gado ($20), with micro sprouts, kale, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and a perfectly runny-yolked soft boiled egg, was blanketed with a creamy peanut sauce blended with kecap manis, shio konbu, and sesame seeds. Not memorable, but hey, we incorporated fibre into dinner. 

A must-try, the Iberico Satay ($30) may have been atas-fied and the price point may have been a skoch cha-ching, but it was a real smash hit. Juicy iberico secreto pork was imbued with heady char, and I loved the addition of kecap manis to the Javanese satay sauce. But what was most surprising was the pineapple salsa topping, which lent a piquant spicy kick to the ensemble. So good, we ordered seconds. 

Likewise with the Tandoori Chicken ($24), which employed fancy French chicken steeped in a robust garam masala marinade, and tempered with a Kashmiri chili yoghurt. Absolutely scrumptious, we had seconds of this too. 

The Kongsee Crabcake ($28) clearly took inspiration from local fish bergedil and western crabcake: with a fluffy toasty patty laced with sweet crabmeat, and served in a pool of Cantonese kam heong cream dotted with lashings of briny fish roe. 

We rarely, if ever, indulge in fried foods (cholesterol and fat and all, u know, things people my age are concerned with 😔) but the 'KFC', or KongSee Fried Chicken ($36) was well worth the calorie spike. The deluxe French poulet, golden with a fermented shrimp paste marinade, boasted a brilliant crunch.

The Krapow Prata Pizza ($15), with Thai basil, chicken mince, melty cheese, and pickled pepper, was, despite its inspired appearance, was a flavour bomb. Influenced heavily by Thai and local mamak cuisine, the roti prata-based flatbread was just fantastic. Note though, that this is teeny-tiny, so apportion about 2 persons to this as a starter.

Another cannot miss, the Roxy Crab Laksa ($24) was opulent, punchy, and generous with its ingredients of fishcake, beancurd puffs, shrimp, crabmeat, and egg. Helpful if you're watching your carbs.

The Kongsee
10 & 12 Gemmill Lane
Tel: 8828 7664
Open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 12noon to 12midnight;
Closed on Sundays and Mondays


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