Guan's Mee Pok

C'était une recommandation d'une des femmes de "ma tribu de travail". Même si je ne les connais pas depuis très longtemps, je me sens comme si je les connaissais depuis toujours. Elles sont mon système de soutien, mes sœurs, et le travail ne serait pas aussi amusant sans elles. Elles vont me manquer quand j'essaye d'être "une dame qui déjeune". 

Guan's was a recommendation of my work tribe when we were trying to find more economical lunch options in the City Hall vicinity, so we wouldn't be so ridiculously broke come month's end #trialsandtribulationsofthelowSES. 
LP, (in support of her argument that the West is, contrary to popular belief, awash with culinary gems) plugged their "very vinegar-y bak chor mee", having found their noodles at their (now defunct) Jurong East mothership scrumptious--Santo was sold on the "very vinegar-y" pitch, and I was more than persuaded by the purported wallet-friendly price points. 

A major plus point of Guan Mee Pok's standalone shop space just across the food court of Capitol Piazza, it's unusually easy to find seats even with our group of 5 (or 7 before the reversion to Phase II). The mall is, as with most brick-and-mortar retail these days, a ghost town on week day afternoons.   
The signature Guan's Mee Pok ($6.30), laden with half an ajitsuke egg, cuttlefish dumpling, meat roll, and oodles of tender minced pork, was saucy and unctuous. A tip is to ask for extra vinegar and chilli, that really amps up the umami.

Guans Mee Pok offers more than the classic minced pork noodles, and I'm obsessed with the Otah Biscuit ($4.50) as the most addictive nibbler. It's a cross between an otah, wanton, and curry puff. I liked it so much, we've actually doggy-bagged 5 orders of this for movie night.

Guan Mee Pok
13 Stamford Road
B1-55 Capitol Piazza
Tel: 8949 2171
Open daily from 11am to 9pm


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