Sushi Mieda

Remember how I said before that price usually correlates to how good a Japanese restaurant is? Well, it's obviously not a rule set in stone, and Sushi Mieda, unfortunately, falls into that category of an overpriced and overhyped washout of a dinner.

The Singapore outpost, at the revolving OUE Tower at Collyer Quay, is the first overseas venture of the one Michelin-starred, Hokkaido mothership, Mieda. I guess that's the problem inherent of most affiliates of Michelin-awardees, the principal chef who propelled the original to Michelin stardom isn't around here to whip up any Michelin-quality magic.

What a pity, because our Mutsukari Kaiseki ($300) dinner actually started out pretty decent...but then devolved into a middling, almost mass-market quality, entirely forgettable meal. Unsurprisingly, the four of us went on out to have prata for supper, right after dinner.

The appetizer, a trio of roasted baby yam and eggplant, tempura fish and beancurd jelly was great. Loved every aspect, and polished them all off.

The sashimi course was shaky, at best. The goldeneye snapper, lightly torched on the skin, was delicious, but the other two were pedestrian, at best. The slices were jagged on the edges, a sign of a hesitant hand, and I needed to drown them in soy, wasabi and lime to mask the less-than-sweet taste.

The next courses that followed fared way better: the Monk Fish Liver, steamed in a melange of soy, sake, mirin; and Braised Octopus, treated with soy and sugar, were fantastic. The liver was not livery at all, and the octopus was mild and delicate. A sprinkle of grated yuzu zest lent levity.

The Grilled Unagi, burnished in an exquisite teriyaki sauce, was fantastic. The light smoky and sweet notes of the glaze complemented the seafood.

When the Sushi course arrived, my heart sank. One look, and we could all tell it was NOT gonna be good. These were as unappetizing as they looked, clunky in execution, lacking in finesse and less than sparkling fresh. The ones at the top, namely the Chutoro, and Maguro (lean tuna), and the bottom ones, the Maki (maguro and kanpyo pickles) and Tamago, passed muster, but the rest, like a Tai (snapper), nodoguro (black throat sea perch), Anago (sea eel), and that pangolin-looking nigiri were impossible to keep down. Suffice it to say, none of us finished our sushi course.

The Uni and Ikura Mini Chirashi was overly vinegar-ed, we were not fans.

After that bummer of nigiri duds, the dessert of a Japanese musk melon and oranges was a godsend, a refreshing cleanser that was much needed to clear our palates.

Sushi Mieda
OUE Tower Level 10
60 Collyer Quay
Tel: 6634 3233
Open Mondays to Saturdays from 12noon to 3pm for lunch; 6pm to 10.30pm for dinner
Website: www.sushimieda.sg

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