No. 1 Western Food, Tanglin Halt Food Centre

A friend commented, and I have to (sort of) agree, that I seem to be on some kind of roll to rediscover all the food places that I ate at as a child. So while I'm on this roll, I'm going to introduce to you another hidden gem of a hawker stall that my family used to patronize when I was growing up.

Great western fare at hawker centres are few and far between, and apart from Happy Chef, this is the only other place I'd return to repeatedly whenever a craving for delicious, slightly bastardised, western fare at wallet-friendly prices starts up. What sets this stall apart is the awesome gravy that they slather over every plate they dish up. It's da bomb, I swear. It's like a cheena-pok version of Mackers' curry sauce, with a tomatoey slant. A little spiced, a little sweet, a little savoury, and, I swear, a little fairy dust. And like that universally flattering blood red lipstick, it goes with everything. From grilled fare to fried foods, and all kinds of meats from the reds to the whites, the gravy just marries them all like a match made in heaven.

The Chicken Cutlet ($5) is a must-try and they churn out dozens of this bestseller every night. The chicken is thoroughly marinated, so even without the gravy, it's really tasty. Juicy succulent meat that's steeped in flavour enveloped in a crisp breadcrumbed crust matched with the luscious gravy is all it takes for this winning formula of an amazing chicken cutlet. A dollop of baked beans straight out of the can and the standard sliced tomatoes and cucumbers help to break the monotony of fried foods.

The Hubs disagrees with me on this point but I think that the Pork Chops ($5) are another awesome dish. The thing is, it's a tad tougher than he'd like. It's not to say that this is dry though, because it's really quite moist. The slab of meat just ain't suitable for dentures. I love this because it's just so tasty, and it always achieves a beautiful charring that imbues the meat with a smoky accent.

The Fish & Chips ($5) is another must-try here. The dory is fleshy, moist and clean and clear. It's such a light dish you don't even realize you're eating deep fried foods.

The stall facade for reference. Although it says "self-service" and despite the long queues, you can actually place your order with the lady proprietor first and return later to pick it up. This husband and wife duo have been grilling up a storm since forever, and I don't know what skincare she uses, but she looks the same as she did 30 years ago.

No. 1 Western Food
Blk 1A Commonwealth Drive 
Tanglin Halt Food Centre #01-13
Open Sundays from 1pm to 9pm
Mondays, Wednesdays to Saturdays from 4pm to 9pm
Closed on Tuesdays


FoodieFC said…
Wow, the servings are so generous - such a big chunk of chicken!!
Bern said…
totally right? still, the hubby and i can polish off 3 portions of their stuff, so if you're a big eater like us, u shd probably order 2 plates instead of 1. :)
Anonymous said…
the steaks are good too!

wah, i love your writing, so energetic.
Bern said…
hahahaa, we were JUST wondering if we should try the steak! ok, will get that next time!
FoodieFC said…
I am so jealous. These stalls should just move to the north!

You both ordered 3 plates! Considering the serving you both are no doubt big eaters!!
Bern said…
hmm, the north got jln kayu and chomp chomp leh!

and yes, we're certified gluttons. heh.
FoodieFC said…
if all goes well and they are open during the evening, I will get to try this tmr evening!
Bern said…
very impt to get the chicken cutlet ok? and add an egg to it. u prick the yolk and smear it into the gravy. damn shiok!

if the ham jin peng stall next next to it is open, get some too.

let me know what u think yeah?
FoodieFC said…
Saw this too late, I got the chicken cutlet.. but without the egg! The cutlet was real good! Very well marinated! I was greedy and asked for more sauce (actually there was no need to do that as the original taste itself was already wonderful!) The hum ji peng stall was close. I noticed at blk 2A (same hawker centre), the curry rice stall queue was v v long!

btw, great recommendation!
Bern said…
thanks man! this is one of those places that the hubby will drive out to just to satisfy his craving.
FoodieFC said…
I might pop by tomorrow too if I have the chance. And if I do I will try e pork chops!
After that I wun be in the area till a long long time haha
FoodieFC said…
Tried the pork chop today! And also the hum jin peng at the stall next to it! Both were real good!!!
Bern said…
oh yay! :)
FoodieFC said…
thanks for the recommendation! I have posted on this. totally love the food! will also post on the hum chim peng stall at subsequent post.

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