Casuarina Curry

I used to frequent Casuarina Curry back when I lived in the vicinity. Their egg pratas were unique in that they were extra crispy and humongous. I once brought a German friend, who has a huge appetite, there and he couldn't finish even 5 of their pratas.

Now that I'm house-sitting for Pops, the BF and I took the opportunity to have brunch there one lazy Sunday afternoon. Their Egg Pratas ($1.50) were still crispy and huge, but their curries were very much milder than I remembered. The curry was more sweet than it was spicy. I don't see a lot of Caucasians here (although I always see at least one Caucasian there) so I don't understand the need to tone down the spiciness of their curries.

We also ordered Chicken Masala ($3.50), which was disappointingly mild despite its fiery hue. The reddish due of the curry was due to its heavy tomato base than a blend of chili and curry spices. This is more Italian or British than South Indian style, with more focus on tomatoes than chili. At least the chicken was still succulent and juicy.

Casuarina Curry
136 Casuarina Road (off Upper Thomson Road)
Tel: 6455 9093
Open daily from 7am to 12 midnight

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