A&W Restaurant, Malacca

Ever since the BF tried Root Beer Float for the first time in Seah Street Deli, he's been wanting to try the real thing at A&W in Malaysia. So, first chance we got, we headed to Dataran Pahlawan, the biggest mall in Malacca to get the Double-Scoop Vanilla Ice-Cream Root Beer Float (RM4.90).

The BF also tried, for the first time, A&W's signature Curly Fries (RM3.60). This was uniquely spiced and crispy. There has been imitators in the fast food market, but no one else compares.

We also had the Black Pepper Hotdog (RM4), loved the hotdog, hated the mayonnaise-based black pepper sauce.

A&W Restaurant
Lot no. BD-007 & BD-093a
Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall
Jalan Merdeka
Bandar Hilir Melaka
Tel: 06-286 4413
Open daily from 10am to 10pm


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