Ramen Nagi, Suntec City

We rarely eat ramen these days, mostly because we struggle to finish a bowlful on our own. I understand ramen is meant to be hearty and substantial, but at our age, we've found that the sumptuous broths and massive portions are just too much. It's not to say that I've cut ramen out completely; because every once a while, there's nothing more comforting than a big hulking bowl of piping hot soupy noodles.

Ramen Nagi is an award-winning ramen joint famed for its unconventional take on ramen. Here, what is touted as spicy ramen is really a heady blend of cayenne pepper with the usual suspects of chilli oil and garlic. And squid ink is the dominant twist of the black variant, which moreish notes buttress the familiar flavours of black sesame and fried garlic.

And so, I was expecting noodles with a little more panache, a little more refinement, a little more delicateness. But as it turns out, it was not so; we gave up halfway through our respective orders, and went off to chow down a little green salad, something clean and clear to cut through all that grease and richness.

That being said, Ramen Nagi serves up decent noodles, and would be especially delicious if you're a broke-ass student looking to eat your money's worth; what would I give for the stout hardiness of our youth long-past!

The Black King ($15.90) was choc-a-bloc with what I believe is the thickest chunk of chashu ever, what seemed like a mountain of minced pork, raw shredded cabbage, and black fungus. We supplemented with additional portion of Cabbage ($1.20), because we thought that'll keep the ramen light, and oddly enough, a Tamago ($2) too because standard bowls don't come with.

The Red King ($15.90) also supplemented with an additional helping of Cabbage ($1.20) and Tamago ($2) to the miso-flavoured minced pork and wedge of chashu, was robust and fiery. 

Ramen Nagi
3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City Tower 2
Tel: 6821 1601
Open daily from 11am to 3pm for lunch; 5pm to 10pm for dinner
Website: www.ramennagi.com.sg

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