Four Seasons Seoul Executive Lounge, Seoul

Accommodation in the suites at the Four Seasons Seoul includes access to the Executive Club, a club lounge offering personalised attention that's open from 6.30am to 10pm. There are three meals served here, buffet-style: breakfast from 6.30am to 10am; afternoon tea from 3pm to 5pm; and evening cocktails from 5pm to 8pm.

While the club was a perfectly lovely spot to chill out, we visited it no more than a grand total of three times in the several weeks we've holidayed in Seoul. We had breakfast once, and spent a couple of evenings partaking their cocktail hour. We just preferred to indulge in our beloved Korean eats, which are very much missed when we're in SG, and could spare no space for any other foods. Also, lolling about pants-less in our room was far more enjoyable than having to abide by the smart casual dress code of the Executive Club.

And on this note, I've noticed the tendency of some people to "get full on lounge food", a mindset I find it abhorrently plebeian "because can save money on outside food". Thankfully, there was none of those cheapskate riffraff here. I don't get it, why bother bragging about the privilege of a club lounge if you're going to stuff your face like the bourgeois breed?

What I liked most about the Executive Club was its selection of wines; the reds were surprisingly excellent. The grub wasn't too bad either, for a buffet. I found the cold cuts and salads a reliable fail-safe, and the daily special, there was a grilled prawn one day that was amazing, to be particularly outstanding.

The Salmon Rollade, crowned with edible flowers, tasted as good as it looked. The salty intensity was contrasted against the refreshing lightness of the dill-infused cream cheese.

Frisee Salad with tomatoes and croutons - simple and light

Chinese Salad with pickled woods ear mushrooms, cucumbers and fresh chilli - clean clear tangy

Japanese Vegetable Maki Rolls with cucumbers and pumpkin - a little bastardised but yummy nonetheless

Assorted Mixed Nuts - great nibblers

Cold Cuts: Italian salami, coppa, prosciutto di parma, sided by marinated olives, sundried tomatoes, and marinated artichokes

Korean Beef Tadaki with baby mixed greens, white radish, and a drizzle of ponzu dressing

Vegetable Crudites

Cheese Board: Emmental, Gouda, Parmesan, Brie, with honey

Ooh I took seconds of this, the Prosciutto Salad with melon and Parmesan. A classic and so so good!!

Tuna Tartare Salad

Panzanella Salad with tuna confit, organic tomato, bocconcini cheese, basil, croutons, and a side of mulchi bokkeum

Bread rolls, foccacia and crackers

The Seafood Jeon, or pancake, passed muster; the seafood was fresh and cooked perfectly, but I would have liked to see more caramelisation on the pancake.

The Samgyupsal, or grilled pork belly, was fantastic. Melt-in-your-mouth, and sumptuously marinated.

The Chinese chicken and vegetable was more a stew than a curry as advertised. This was forgettable, but I liked loading up on the vegetables in this.

Ahh, the piece de resistance, the Grilled Prawns was a standout, fresh, plump and sweet, and so popular they were wiped out pretty quickly.

The Grilled Kurobuta was the other evening's special of the day, and while it was good, it wasn't as crazy popular as the prawns. You can tell, just by how long this took to clear.

Drinks, with milk, juices, different mineral waters, and white wines. And you may have been wondering, where's the dessert? The cakes and puddings were kept in the fridge to remain chilled.

Sparkling waters, sodas, beer of the imported and domestic varieties.

Hard liquour and reds!


No breakfast is complete without Juk, or porridge as we know it.This was simply flavoured with chicken stock, sided by several Korean-style condiments, sesame seeds, soy, and toasted seaweed.

A few banchan to pair with the porridge, (from right to left): kimchi, kkakdugi, musaengchae and japchae. These were middling. I ate the porridge plain.

Shrimp and scallop dumplings, these weren't great, the skin was too thick, give them a pass.

You can also order eggs done any way you like, cooked a la minute in the kitchen behind. I had an omelette stuffed with peppers, ham, mushrooms and cheese.

Also, pancakes or waffles cooked to order.

Then there's your breakfast staples, roasted tomatoes and mushrooms

And chicken sausages, and bacon

The salad station was entirely DIY, so you can customise it any way you like. I appreciated that they had rocket leaves on its own.

There were several chutneys too

Cold cuts, smoked salmon, cheeses and marinated vegetables

An assortment of cereal and overnight oats

fruit muffins

Fruit danishes and cinnamon rolls - ooh I liked these, sticky chewy and absolutely delightful.

Pain au chocolat, mini croissants, and almond croissants.

Baguette, sourdough, and rolls

And at all other times of the day, there was cookies, tea and coffee for refreshment.

The lounge

The view from the lounge.

Executive Club 
Four Seasons Seoul

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