Dduckam, Seoul

Dukkam will forever be remembered for where we first fell in love with gamja-tang. The thin, spicy soup is our number one Korean must-eatl, and the consummate soul food. Laden with potatoes and the spine of pork, and distinct with crushed perilla seeds and perilla leaves; there's an anise-like, somewhat minty herbaceous aftertaste to the robust heat of the stew, resulting in a hearty, fiery yet refreshing broth. Surprisingly though, it's delicate and light, and not at all oily. You know how it is with bak kut teh, you feel weighted down with that heavy oily feeling after drinking the soup? It's not ever like that with gamjatang. For rustic fare rooted in peasant provenance, it's incredibly exquisite.

Duckkam is a short stroll from the Four Seasons Seoul, and because it's open 24/7, our supper go-to de rigueur during our annual sojourn to Seoul.

The Gamjatang (6,500KRW) at Duck Kam, generously stocked with a massive hunk of pork spine, was potent and lively. The meat, while sparing (it IS, afterall, the spine of a pig) was fall-off-the-bone tender, fresh with nary a whiff of that 'porky stench'.

A couple of banchan, kimchi and kkakugi, served to refresh the palate, paired with steamed rice, fresh green chillis, chives, and a vinegared mustard emulsion dipping sauce.

The shop front in the day.

and the night for reference.

Jongro-Gu, Saemunan-ro 3-gil 21 (tangju-dong)
Tel: +02 722 5894

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