Rahim Muslim Food

I'd read about this "legendary power mee rebus" somewhere in Ang Mo Kio so we drove out to the North one mid-afternoon to see if it was indeed "legendary".

Eating at off-peak times has its benefits, as there was no queue when we popped by the stall. Then again, the lack of a queue could be due to the fact that the food at Rahim Muslim Food was disappointingly insipid.

The Bee Hoon Soto Extra Special ($5.50) lacked depth, both in the chicken stock base and the tumeric spice rempah. It was so watered down it was akin to drinking lightly spiced yellow water. The supplement of the chicken thigh, while huge in portion, was tasteless as well. We drowned this in the black sauced sambal just to get some kick.

The Mee Rebus Extra Special ($5.50) was an extra let-down. The noodles were missing that punchy spice and robust heat, even after stirring in the green chillis, added sambal, and the peanut sauce ladled over the dish. Also, the blended-to-oblivion, almost creamy, gravy was disconcerting, as I prefer the gritty texture of better mee rebus.

The stall for reference. This may have been legendary at one point in time, but those days are definitely no longer.

Rahim Muslim Food
721 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8
Tel: 9786 7362
Open Mondays to Saturdays from 12noon to 8pm; Closed on Sundays

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