Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters

Whoever said that the central region of Singapore has no worthwhile cafe has obviously never been to Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters. A Melbourne-styled cafe serving modern Australian cuisine and one of the best coffees on the island, Pacamara is casual and buzzy. While Pacamara is notably more crowded and service inevitably choppy on weekend afternoons, night-time will find this place a bit less frenzied and ambience relaxed.

We'd seen Pacamara on our way to the club many times, but never ventured in. Partly because we always saw the cafe packed to the gills, and in part put off by the nightmare of a carpark shortage. But, at the recommendation of Beck, we popped by one night for dinner after hitting the club. She swears by their coffee, which she buys by the truckload, and tells us to park at Sin Ming Plaza across the road: "there's always parking lots, and fees are so low".

Beck knows her food, and she's bang on about the food at Pacamara. The dishes are as delicious as they are pretty. Everything we had was scrumptious.

The Baked Portobello ($15.90), capped with melted brie, was strewn with tomato salsa, arugula, and grated parmesan. Clean clear flavours abound, and an excellent way to get the vegetable-averse to eat their greens.

A fantastic recommendation by the lovely cashier/waitress, was the Duck Pappardelle ($18.90), laced with shredded duck confit, fresh tomatoes, and slicked in a sauce rich with garlic and duck stock. A must-try.

The Slow-Cooked Chicken Breast ($17.50) paired with cubed avocado, wilted spinach & pine nuts, tomato salsa, crumbed feta, and a lemon wedge was light and bright and delightfully lively. The chicken wasn't the most succulent or moist, but it was commendably decent, considering it's breast-meat.

The crisp on the Pan-Fried Seabass ($22) was wonderfully done. A beautiful golden hue and exceptional crunch of the skin. Creamy parsnip puree, juicy oven-roasted mushrooms, sea-fresh ikura, kenya bean, dill, chives, tomatoes, and a 62C sous vide free-range egg completed the ensemble.

Coffee at Pacamara are white or black, for those with or without milk respectively. The Hubs had the Caramel Roadster White ($5 for 5 oz), a rich frothy concoction of caffeine blast.

I'm a sucker for anything toffee, so I got the Santa Sofia Toffee White ($5 for 5 oz), which was subtly fragranced by the burnt sugary notes.

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters
185 Upper Thomson Road
Open daily from 9am to 11pm
Website: pacamara.sg

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