Room Service at One & Only The Palm, Dubai

We were mostly cocooned in our hotel, the One & Only The Palm, when we were in Dubai over cny. We caught up on our reading, took in the beach views, and whiled our time away by the pool. Of course, there was a lot of ordering of room service to facilitate the holing up in our villa.

The room service menu looked like any other, save for the extended Middle Eastern selections. We mostly ordered those, but the one thing that stood out, was how the Dubaians cook their basmati rice. Unlike the ghee-soaked versions we get in Indian cuisine here in Singapore, the basmati rice in Dubai was amazing. It was impossibly fluffy, and while flavourful, not heavily bogged with oil. It was so so light, almost wispy, that you don't get stricken by any pangs of carb-guilt thereafter.

The Chicken Biryani (120AED = S$44), saffron and curry-flavoured basmati rice studded with succulent chicken chunks, fried shallots and nuts, was fantastic.

A must-try, the Shish Tawook (70AED = S$25) comprised a trio of marinated and grilled chicken kebabs, sided by saffron rice, beyaz salad and french fries (not pictured).

The Chicken Curry (110AED = S$40) was mild, but it was tasty enough, and it was elevated by the steamed basmati rice dotted with pineapple nubbins.

A western main course, the Roasted Baby Chicken (140AED = S$51), with paper crisp skin and luscious meat, was commendable. This was served with superb sauteed rosemary potato wedges and a pedestrian mushroom sauce.

Another must-try was the Seared Tiger Prawns (210AED = S$77), plump and juicy and beautifully charred, accompanied by grilled root vegetables and a thick lemon butter sauce.

The Seared Seabass (180AED = S$66) didn't look like much, but it was executed pretty well. Nicely crisped skin, flaky meat, this was set atop mashed potatoes, olive tapenade, lemon, and a drizzling of extra virgin olive oil

One & Only The Palm

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