O'Ma Spoon, 313 Somerset

One of the latest food fads is Korean bingsu, or, as a friend calls it, Korean ice-kachang. It was introduced to our shores, along with the Hallyu wave, couple of years prior, but it's now really taken off. Every other mall along Orchard Road now has one bingsu cafe, a sure sign of the current craze over the Korean dessert.

Despite having recently developed a love for Korean food (thanks to the Seoul trip over Easter), I haven't had the opportunity to sample bingsu. Till now. So, a big caveat to my lackluster visit to O'Ma Spoon is that I've no basis for comparison. Perhaps O'Ma Spoon isn't the best purveyor of bingsu, or perhaps my personal preferences lean towards the local ice-kachang, but I'm not a fan. I just don't geddit.

We had the Green Tea Bingsu ($13.90), a towering Japanese matcha-inspired concoction of red beans, green tea powder, green tea ice-cream, and shaved almonds blanketing fluffy milk flakes. This wasn't too bad, but I didn't quite like the milky flakes. That got cloying quickly.

The traditional Injeolmi Bingsu ($12.90) was a dusty medley of rice-cakes, soy bean powder, almond flakes, and milk snow. This was like eating sawdust, dry and insipid, and I really really didn't like it. That said, my friend Kang loved it. Different strokes, I suppose.

O'Ma Spoon
313 Somerset #04-20
313 Orchard Road
Tel: 6333 0995
Open Sundays to Thursdays from 11.30am to 10pm;
Fridays & Saturdays from 11.30am to 12midnight

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