Hoshino Coffee, Capitol Piazza

Hoshino Coffee is a hugely successful Japanese franchise serving up drip coffee, souffle-centric desserts and Japanese-western fusion savouries. Its casual vibe, trendy fare and wallet-friendly price points have made it a hit among the teenybopper set and the broke-by-the-end-of-the-month types.

The Omu Souffle ($16.80) was a tomato rice casserole flecked with broccoli and shrimp, and topped with a fluffy egg souffle. This had a comforting homestyled flavour to it.

Although the menu alleges this as "rissoto", it is really a term used loosely, and more regular Japanese rice than Italian risotto. Or else it was the softest mushiest risotto I've ever had.

The Fuwa-Fuwa Hoshino Souffle ($15.80) a variant of the Omu version, was laced with mushrooms and ham nubbins.

Although a popular signature here, the Matcha Souffle ($10.80) arrived semi-collapsed. This was disappointing, and I much rather spent a few dollars more and get the fabulous ones at Laurent Bernard.

The Ice Fruit Tea ($9.90) was refreshingly lovely, dotted with dice kiwi, apples, mangoes, and blueberries.

The Ice Matcha Latte with Softee ($9.30) was rich and robust. Much better than the souffle as a sweet finisher.

Hoshino Coffee 
B2-55 Capitol Piazza
13 Stamford Road
Tel: 6384 5131
Open daily from 10.30am to 10.30pm
Website: www.hoshinocoffee.com.sg

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