Hai Di Lao Delivery

We love Hai Di Lao, but the perpetual, unabating queues put us off. We used to dine at the most inopportune times to get around the long waiting times, BUT, now that Hai Di Lao caters for home delivery, we've taken to dining in the comfort of our own home. A big bonus: we lushes can also imbibe to our hearts' content, without worrying about driving home thereafter.

The set up is idiot-proof. You:

1) Order online from this link: http://haidilao.oddle.me

2) Opt to make payment by way of cash-on-delivery, or pre-pay the bill by credit card.

3) Wait for them to arrive!

You don't have to prep anything, not even cutlery or crockery, as bowls and chopsticks are provided. All you need is a table, an electrical source, water, and that's it. Easy peasy.

All the steamboat ingredients are individually packed, and the soup bases are concocted on-site by the delivery staff, using a pre-mixed stock blended with some water sourced from your home.

It's completely fuss-free; I mean, even tissue paper is provided. Note that an extra portion of soup is given, should the broth dry up before you're done with the meal, as with most cases.

A portable dustbin is also lent so you don't have to use yours.

The delivery box, with everything so neatly stacked up that an obsessive compulsive would approve.

After you're done, you call them (preferably after 9pm), or they'll call you to check-in, and they'll come over to clear everything and pack up. Your house will look as spick and span as before!

Hai Di Lao Delivery


Anonymous said...

Hi, can I ask they do provide the pot as well without any charge? Do you need to request specially or the pot comes with the ordering?

Bern said...

Yes they do. As long as u click on the option for the setup, they will provide EVERYTHING. Including the standard HDL chopsticks and spoons. Even tissue paper.

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