101 Dining Lounge & Bar, One & Only The Palm, Dubai

101 is the late-night dining option of the One & Only The Palm. Perched over water at the furthest end of the jetty, the restaurant-bar offers stunning views of the Dubai skyline and an expansive appreciation for the Middle Eastern sunset.

The hotspot du jour is chic, hip and teeming with gorgeous statuesque types. So dress up and bling out, as this is a place to see and be seen.

I liked the selection of Spanish-centric small bites, these were yummy and great for soaking up all that alcohol imbibed during happy hour. The main ala carte menu, which primarily offers grilled seafood and meats, isn't too shabby either. The use of a josper grill definitely went a distance maximising succulence and sealing in flavours.

The Tiger Prawns (185AED = S$68) schmeared with a lively basil butter and orange paste, was wonderfully balanced and lip-smackingly good. 

The Baby Chicken (145AED = S$53), tender and juicy, was paired with an onion confit and Taggiasca olives.

From the nibbler menu, the Parmesan Arancini (35AED = S$13), oozy cheesy balls of black venere risotto was slicked with a piquillo and tarragon sauce, was highly addictive. Like Pringles, you can't stop at one.

The Croquetas a la Provencale (38AED = S$14) stuffed with chicken, tomato sauce, olives and basil, was scrumptious as well.

Another delectable appetizer was the Calamari alla Romana (38AED = S$14) deep fried to a golden crisp was sided by a creamy dijonnaise aioli and brightened with lemon.

Freshly baked crusty bread, complimentary, made for yummy fillers.

 Complimentary and refillable nibbles, green olives and spiced mixed nuts were excellent.

The picturesque restaurant, with a sprawling open-air terrace facing the Dubai skyline.

The outdoors dining area adjacent to the lounge.

101 Dining Lounge & Bar
One & Only The Palm

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