Fire, W Seminyak, Bali

Fire, the steakhouse grill at W Seminyak, is the other buffet breakfast restaurant option, apart from Starfish Bloo. While the buffet is decidedly limited, it wasn't necessarily a bad thing. The pedestrian buffet was balanced out by the larger, better curated, ala carte menu.

Recommended orders are the airy-fairy egg white omelette souffle, baked egg with chorizo, and steak mushroom eggs. For a more Asian-styled breakfast, get the nasi jinggo, a carb dish that'll fill you right up in the most delicious way.

Cheese and Charcuterie table, with Brie, Asiatiko and Goat's Cheese; Beef Pastrami, Chicken Lyoner, Pork Milano; Ham Hock Terrine and Antipasto, and some mustard. Skip this.

I really liked the fruit juice, smoothie and yoghurt, freshly blended and squeezed. My favourites were the Strawberry Banana Smoothie, and Watermelon Juice.

Pickles, Nuts and Dried Fruits

Bread Station, with Brown, Wheat, White Sliced Bread; Bread Rolls; Brioche; Plain, Chocolate, Bacon Scrambled and Ham & Cheese Croissants; and Ham & Cheese Panini. Most were middling, but the bacon scrambled croissants were pretty decent.

Jams, marmalades, vegemite, and nutella spreads

The sweet confectionery fared well; Strawberry and Pandan Doughnuts, and Strawberry Berliner

Mango, Strawberry and Blackberry Danishes and Almond Croissant

Leek & Mushroom Rolls and Raisin Bread

Raspberry, Gluten-Free, Pandan Chocolate Muffins and assorted cakes

Indonesian desserts and Chocolate Fountain with sweets - my favourite buffet station!

Indonesian bubur station with all the fixings

Indian Aloo Gobi and Seafood Mie Goreng - nice when paired

Shrimp & Vegetable Frittata, Beef Rendang and Pork & Potato Hash - you can pass these over

Sauteed Bedugul Vegetables and Baked Beans - also meh

Gammon Ham - would've preferred a slightly meatier texture than sinewy fat

Chicken and Beef Sausages - decent

Bacon, Hashbrown and Grilled Tomatoes - standard fare

Baked Egg with chorizo, rocket, tomato sauce on sourdough - skip the bread, eat everything else.

Egg White Omelette Souffle, stuffed with basil, parmesan, green peppers, onions - clean eating at its most delicious

Sunny Steak Mushroom - a slightly chewy overdone beef rump steak, but the fried egg, sauteed mushrooms and brown jus were perfectly lovely

Nasi Jinggo - uninspired looking but the Indonesian rice with shredded fried chicken, tempe, egg omelette strips, fried shallots and sambal was blew us away with its robust fragrant simplicity

Bibimbap, with julienned vegetables, egg sunny side up, kimchi, beef and gochujang - looked a lot better than it tasted, this needed 2 more dollops of gochujang for flavour

the interiors - loved the fireball chandelier!

W Retreat & Spa Bali, Seminyak

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