Cat & the Fiddle

Cat & the Fiddle should really start a loyalty program. My colleagues and I have bought 5 cakes from them in just 8 months. That's 1 cake every 1-2 months! We're taking every opportunity to buy their awesome value-for-money cheesecakes and going through their entire range.

For a birthday girl who loves her sour gummies, the zesty Maneki Neko ($33.90 for 1.1kg), with its tangy and refreshing notes of yuzu, mandarin orange, lemon zest and shredded lime leaves, is a sure-win.

Its tart and invigorating overtones were perfectly in sync with the rich creamy cheesecake base.

Cat & the Fiddle
Website: www.catandthefiddle.com


Karyn said...

Check out www.buttertrade.com.sg! It gives you loyalty points when you order a cake from the partner bakers. :)

Cat said...

We hear you! It's coming soon!

Bern said...


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