The White Rabbit

October 2012 is significant for 2 things. The Hari Raya Haji long weekend (mucho amor!) and re-connecting with old friends. In the short span of just a couple of weeks, I've somehow managed to reconnect with 2 old friends whom I've lost touch with over the years.

I first got to know Addie at brownies, I thought she was just the prettiest girl ever and couldn't resist chatting her up. Yes yes, I was a superficial kid: I thought all pretty people were nice. And as they say, the rest is history. We lost contact, however, when she moved to live and work in France. I found out, over facebook, that she's recently moved back to Singapore and that's how we re-connected (and this is why facebook, with its ability to reconnect you with long lost friends, has the least choosiest customers ever). It's heart-warming how, despite the almost decade-long disconnect, we were able to pick up exactly where we left off. We yakked our heads off and were so oblivious to our surroundings that we didn't even realize that we'd stayed way past the opening lunch hours! I'm really liking the service standards at The White Rabbit, they did not once come over to chase us off because the restaurant was closed after lunch. Granted, they stopped refilling our waters once past 3pm, but they did let us sit there , past closing time, without disturbing us.

Although Wild Honey remains our favourite brunch spot, The White Rabbit has at least one truly outstanding dish that makes this a standout brunch option. The small brunch menu consists mostly classics, with a few unique deviations. The food was generally commendable and done well, with nary a wrong step so even if Wild Honey's refined cuisine trumps the rabbit, I'd say that this is a much more tranquil place than the bustling Wild Honey.

We shared everything. The Eggs 'Fry Up' ($24), with eggs that I opted to do sunny side up-style, thick cut bacon, house-made pork and spinach sausages, a whole juicy sauteed portobello mushroom, half a grilled tomato, thick brioche bun, and a piquantly herbed mesclun salad, was executed well. Nothing fancy or particularly stellar, just good ol' fashioned comfort food.

The White Rabbit Mac and Cheese ($28) with spring vegetables and truffle sauce is an absolute MUST-TRY. Pasta was al dente, cheese sauce was rich but not cloying, with the layered, multidimensional taste of different cheese pungency and saltiness, and the truffle jus lent incredible aroma for a woodsy robust finish. I'll return for brunch just for this.

The Belgian Waffles ($16) topped with blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream was also very good, although I hedge on having sweet stuff for breakfast. Thick and fluffy, the waffles were lightly showered with icing sugar. I liked that the maple syrup was served on the side, so we could control the sweetness as we liked.

The White Rabbit
39C Harding Road
Tel: 6473 9965
Open weekdays from 12noon to 2.30pm for lunch and 6.30pm to 10.30pm for dinner
weekends from 11am to 2.30pm for lunch and 6.30pm to 10.30pm for dinner
Closed on Mondays
Website: www.thewhiterabbit.com.sg

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