Moo Bar & Grill

We wanted to eat at SPRMRKT but it was filled to the brim with diners so we headed to the air-conditioned eateries opposite. Moo Bar & Grill had a very attractive 1-for-1 promotion and it seemed a popular enough lunch option. As it turns out, the 1-for-1 promo is really the entire reason for the restaurant's popularity. At full-on prices, the quality isn't up to par. But, with prices halved, the portions seem twice as generous, you become twice as forgiving and the entire meal appears doubly value-for-money.

But, as expected, the downside of a busy restaurant is the resultant choppy service. It took a good half hour before our mains arrived. Our iced waters arrived after 2 reminders and when we were halfway through our mains. 

The Oven Baked 'Beer Can' Free Range Chicken ($30) with rosemary and a beer-infused pullet was too dry and lacking in taste, even if the portion was generous and could easily feed 2. The free refill of truffle mash was the best thing about this dish. As i've said before, truffles are the best!

The kitschy beer can stuffing. We couldn't quite taste the beer accents though.

The Grilled Fillet of Chicken Thigh ($16) with a lemon and rosemary spice rub was much better than the beer can chicken. Juicy and tender, albeit a little ordinary and pedestrian. A mild gravy of smoked jus provided additional lubrication, while sides of tangy fruit salsa and steak frites rounded off the dish.

The Giant Bangers and Mash ($18) was a tad disappointing. The sausages turned out to be ordinary hotdogs, like those generic supermarket brands types, lacking in texture. So, despite the seemingly impressive 2 x 1ft length, it was a little underwhelming. We liked the truffle mash and sweetish onion rosemary jus though.

In addition to their 1-for-1 promotion, all mains arrive with a Soup-of-the-Day, i.e. a cream of potato and leek which was a little too watery and generically can-based.

or a Salad. If this was the standard of free starters, I'd rather they save the trouble and just keep the truffle mash refillable. Much better use of resources, methinks.

The unappetizingly browning lettuce edges. More quality control is definitely required to ensure that the greens served are fresh.

Moo Bar & Grill
21 McCallum Street
#01-06 The Clift
Tel: 6634 2662
Open daily from 9am to 11pm
Website: www.moo.com.sg


rw said...

does the 1-for-1 only apply for lunch? was intending to go there with a bunch of friends for dinner but based on your review, maybe paying full price isn't a good idea! (esp after looking at the lettuce.)

FoodieFC said...

read about the beer can chicken. But did not know where its sold at. so tts where they sell it.

Bern said...

@rw: the 1-for-1 promo is only applicable for lunch. And yes, full price isn't a good idea. Go opposite to SPRMRKT for dinner! I love their stuff! Or Ocean curry fish head...super cheap and good, but you'll hv to bear with the heat.

@FoodieFC: I think there are a couple of other places that sell this beer can chicken thing...not sure where, but i remember seeing it one some tv show long ago, and since Moo only started operations recently, it can't be the restaurant featured in those long ago tv shows right?

Anonymous said...



Bern said...

Hurumphf again!

raymond lim said...

hi. i work in tokyo marine insurance opp. moo bar & grill.
Last month, with their new All Day Dining menu, they extended 1 for 1 promotion from 10am - 11pm daily!!!
Their weekdays lunch is super packed and busy. My advise is go for dinner or weekends to enjoy their 1 for 1 deal. their service and food quality is much better with lesser diners.

Bern said...

Oh thanks for the tip! It's just gonna be hard though...i try not to stay in the CBD for dinner (coz that usually means that i'm working late). A bit depressing to be too near to my workplace for dinner. Orchard's a much happier place for dinner. heh.

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