Singapore Turf Club Committee Box

It's been years since I was last at the Singapore Turf Club. While I'm far from the gambler type (I'm so risk averse I don't even play the "junior league" 10-cent-bets-only blackjack with my cousins over Chinese New Year), I do enjoy hanging out with my colleagues, even if it's at the faraway and inaccessible Singapore Turf Club (we took an hour and a half to get there from the city!). Plus, it's not like I have to squeeze with the predominantly retirees crowd at the spectator stands, all betting their CPF withdrawals away. Instead, we got to watch the races in the air-conditioned comfort of the committee box, where a small buffet kept those of us who are risk-averse occupied.

The highlight of the evening was definitely getting into the behind-the-scenes parade field, where we got to see the horses and their jockeys circling round the parade track, just before each race. I suppose this kind of "insider experience" would have some benefit for serious gamblers (you get to see the jockeys interacting with their horses, the way they move, all of which help to determine a winning bet, you see).

The buffet was mostly awful, with a couple of barely passable dishes, and we've realized that it's really just bad country club food. People don't really go to there to eat, they go there to socialize and network. To see and be seen. The cooked a la minute food stations generally fared better. This rule of thumb worked the last time I attended at the turf club as well.

The Fuzhou Fishball Macaroni Soup was run of the mill local fare. Standard stuff you'd find at a food court. Generic fish based stock and a relatively bouncy minced meat-filled fishball, crunchy greens and elbow pasta made for a full but not quite satisfying meal.

The best part of the Fried Risotto Balls with Curry Sauce was the breadcrumbed crust. This really was like fried glutinous rice, stuffed with a bit of minced mushrooms for flavour.

Singapore Turf Club
Committee Box
1 Turf Club Avenue
Singapore Racecourse


yixiao said...

Did you see the Trisara Phuket promotion in today's TODAY paper? Haha ... Reminded me of you.

Bern said...

Hahaa, nope. don't get the TODAY paper. what's the promo?? We might go over for a short holiday over one of the long weekends.

yixiao said...

Erphm... Don't remember the specifics

Bern said...

Hahaa, it's just as well. Got quite a number of year-end trips to make alr. Maybe i shd be saving abit!

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