SPRMRKT (otherwise known as SuPeRMaRKeT, but without the vowels) is one of those places that seems to exist in a different dimension, a parallel universe such that you don't realize that it's there even if you're right in front of it. It was only after I read a couple of good reviews about SPRMRKT, that I realized that I've actually walked past it several times. I guess I never really had the impetus to go in because of its nondescript entrance and facade. I mean, I've got friends who've been there to eat and yet do not know its name. Throw in the distractingly snaking long queues of the locals buying 4D at the 7-11 next door and you've got a recipe for invisibility.

Gotta really thank the blogosphere for informing about SPRMRKT, would never have discovered this gem of a cafe otherwise. Despite its bustling CBD locale, the small-ish cafe is surprisingly laidback and relaxed. Here, it seems like time passes a little slower than the world outside, a calm respite from the hassles of work. The turnover isn't high and people really do take their time to savour their food and linger a bit over coffee. I really like the ambience here.

Their menu, whilst decidedly limited (there are only 3 mains everyday to choose from), rotates on a daily basis. This way, there's no food wastage, but you still get to sample a somewhat extensive menu. Also, their menu is overhauled every few months. Putting aside their ever-changing menu concept, I found that their food is honest, straightforward and unpretentious.

The Beef Lagsana ($16) was hearty, wholesome and one of the best ones I've had. Generous in portion too. I was stuffed by the time I was done with this. The bolognese was rich and meaty, with enough cheese to hold the layers together without being too rich. Good, old-fashioned, comforting flavours.

The Grilled Zucchini and Eggplant Croissant Sandwich ($10) was a vegetarian's dream. Soft mushy slices of grilled vegetables were dressed in a tangy spicy tomato and basil paste with olive oil, matched with peppery mesclun and sandwiched in a buttery croissant.

2 McCallum Street
Tel: 6221 2105
Open Mondays to Fridays from 8am to 9pm;
Saturdays from 9am to 4pm
Closed on Sundays
Website: www.sprmrkt.com.sg


Anonymous said...

10 bucks for rabbit food is not my kind of lunch....Prof.

Bern said...

Point taken. But surely u agree tt the lasagna is totally worth the 16 bucks pricetag?

Anonymous said...

not unless it was wagyu grade 8 or more. Did not look like there was much moo from the pic.


Bern said...

There was enough. I did feel tt the pricetag was reasonable.

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