The Lookout, SICC

We were in the Upper Thomson vicinity getting the Hubs' car fixed after he'd dented it (on this note, it irks me when someone tells me that ALL women are bad drivers, or that ALL men make better drivers than ALL women. While the stereotype is generally true, I think it's awfully presumptuous to prejudice against that generalization. I happen to be acquainted with more than a handful of men who are driving-challenged. *cough cough CC cough) and popped over to the club to spend the quarterly F&B levy. Although we dislike the fact that The Lookout is completely open-air, it is admittedly airy (but a little muggy) and does boast a picturesque view of the sprawling green. Save for a few sweaty golfers enjoying their post-game cigars and wines, the bistro was delightedly empty. It was, afterall, mid-afternoon, when we arrived at the all-day dining spot.

If not for the dining levy, I don't think we'd eat at the club as much as we do. Most of the bistro fare aren't memorably good, and you'd do well to stick to the straightforward local stuff. Best to stay away from the complicated or fancy dishes. This is a policy we try to adhere to while at the club. That said, we've discovered that the club is a wonderful place to chill out, post dinner, over drinks. To be specific, alcoholic drinks. Notwithstanding the less than impressive cuisine, the alcohol here is cheap! And because Pops' place is just a conveniently short stroll away from the club, we tend to end off most of our nights at the clubhouse after family dinners.

The Fried Ikan Papan ($10) was less than super fresh, and despite the deep-frying, reeked of the unmistakeable fishy taste. Worse that the pungently salty sambal cincalok accentuated its fishiness.

The Ayam Curry ($8.20) was easily the best dish for lunch. The Nonya-style chicken curry was creamy and rich and moderately spicy, the standard on par with notable hawker fare. Paired with steamed rice and pappadom, we lapped up the mouth-wateringly good curry. An appetizingly piquant achar cut through the richness with a little tang.

The Weiner Schnitzel ($16.50), a seasonal dish part of the Octoberfest menu, was surprisingly alright. Compacted and dense, this was pleasantly tender, if a tad gamey. Mesclun and lemon wedges provided a lift from the heavier elements of the red meat.

The Lookout
Singapore Island Country Club
180 Island Club Road
Open daily from 6.30am to 10pm

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