Yuan Ji Zhen Zhong Fried Carrot Cake, Albert Court Temporary Market

You know how I've said I don't believe in queuing up for hours to buy food? I still don't. There's this stall at Albert Court Temporary Market that sells carrot cake with a horrendeous queue. I've always pitied the people standing in line and wondered about the carrot cake to warrant such devotion. However, one fine day when there was a conspicuous lack of a queue, curiosity got the better of me. I decided to try the black version of carrot cake to see if it was really that great.

Oh after taking a bite, I can somewhat understand the perpetually long queues. The Black Carrot Cake ($3 for a medium portion) was soft and smooth and wonderfully aromatic, with the wok hei fragrance coming through every savoury bite. This was honestly one of the best versions I've ever tried.

Update 16 December 2009: We revisited the stall upon the reopening of the food centre after the renovations. Still the best black version of carrot cake around. Soft and fresh and smoky and eggy. Absolutely delicious. Be sure to only patronize this on weekdays at night though, because the morning and afternoon shift is manned by some young Chinese guy who's not very proficient at frying. It absolutely has to be this old, bespectacled, wife-beater-clad man and his very skinny wife manning the stall. Little wonder the queue only starts when the husband and wife duo start business. There's never a queue in the afternoon when the young guy is manning the stall.

The actual store facade at the permanent food centre.

Yuan Ji Zhen Zhong Fried Carrot Cake
Albert Court Temporary Market

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