Economic Noodles, Albert Court Temporary Market

Economic noodles is one of the mainstays of local cuisine. It's cheap, simple and satisfying. This stall at Albert Court Temporary Market (soon to be relocated back to its original premises at Queen Street on 1 December 2009) has one of the best versions of economic noodles. I've catered from them before for a Halloween party and everyone loved their Fried Bee Hoon and Fried Mee. It's fried fresh everyday over extremely high heat, which explains the 'wok hei' flavour.

Oh and their chicken wings deserve a shoutout as well, they are marinated overnight so the seasoning has had time to really soak through the wings. The skin is crispy and crackling and the insides are incredibly juicy, succulent and flavourful.

By the way, this stall is one of the few places on the island that still serves authentic pork luncheon meat. This is the real deal, not the artificial, rubbery, made out of fish meat ones which are insipid and unpalatable.

Update 16 December 2009: We revisited the stall upon the reopening of the food centre after the renovations. The noodles are as good as ever. I could eat this everyday and be happy. Who says cheap food can't be tasty?

This is what the actual store facade looks like at the permanent food centre.

Update 10 December 2011: the husband and wife duo are no longer frying up this store, and it has since been taken over by someone else also selling the same thing. It's awful though. Terribly fried noodles with no flavour or wok hei at all. 

Economic noodles stall
Albert Court Temporary Market
Please note that they will be moving back to Blk 270 Queen Street on 1 December 2009

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