Ah Loy Thai

We chanced upon this gem of a find when we were jogging through Shaw Tower at Beach Road to Suntec. It’s a hole-in-the-wall shop selling Thai food near to Ah Yat Seafood. Seats are very limited, and when it’s crowded you have to wait to get a seat, then wait again for each dish to arrive. A tip is to go there at off-peak hours. Before 6.30pm for dinner, and after 2pm for lunch. And forget about going there at 7.45pm as they are usually sold out by then, even if their official closing time is 8.15pm.

All their food comes in one size, enough to feed 2-3 persons. So order in multiples if you have more people.

We got the Tom Yum Soup with Prawns ($6.50). Ah Loy Thai is extremely generous with their prawns, about 7 huge ones in a standard claypot serving. It’s spicy, sourish and goes right to your insides to warm you up. Prawns are fresh and don’t taste artificially crunchy. A bonus is that they also de-shell the prawns for you, leaving only the head and tail un-shelled. I love their version here, not too watered down to suit Singaporeans’ palates.

The Pineapple Rice costs only $4.50 for a portion that feeds 2 skinny girls on a diet, or 1 guy doing national service. It’s chock full of ingredients, medium sized prawns, raisins and slivers of fresh sweet pineapple.

We also got some greens, Sweet Potato Leaves in Spicy Sauce ($4.00). This was spicy enough, with just the right about of garlic and chili, without being too overpowering.

The Pandan Chicken is my favourite dish here ($6.50 for 4 large pieces).

It’s served with sweet Thai chili sauce and some sweet sticky sauce. I love dunking the chicken pieces in the sweet sticky sauce.

Today’s version was too hard though, it tasted like it was re-fried upon order. Ah Loy Thai usually serves much better versions whereby the chicken pieces are tender and juicy. I guess cooks also have their off-days. There was still the faint aromatic waft of the pandan scent though.

The drinks are quite authentic. They serve lemongrass tea, which is not commonly found in Thai food places in Singapore. The BF got the Thai Red Tea, which is thick, rich, and sweet. Perfect complement to spicy Thai food. I got the Kumquat Juice which still retained that sour bite not overshadowed by sugar.

I love the food here mainly because it’s really cheap, and generally good. Service is usually efficient and polite, but it really depends on the time you dine, because you can be left waiting for up to half an hour between your dishes. The difference is really the time you eat at.

The bill came up to $24.10 for two persons.

Ah Loy Thai

100 Beach Road #01-39/40
Shaw Tower
HP: 9165 1543 / 9329 7599
Open Mondays to Fridays from 12pm to 8.15pm
Saturdays 1pm to 7.15pm
Closed on Sundays

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