Beard Papa Sweets, Bugis Junction

I was craving chocolate éclairs so we popped by Bugis after dinner one night. Most shops were closing and/or sold out their chocolate éclairs. Fortunately, we stumbled upon Beard Papa and got 2 éclairs, and 2 chocolate molten cakes.

Chocolate Eclair ($2.80). I liked the freshness of the chocolate cream, and it’s really because they only squeeze in the cream when you buy it. The cream was light and frothy, without being too heavy handed. The pastry was much softer than the usual eclairs but still, I liked it so much I ate both happily without realizing that I forgot to leave one for the BF!

Chocolate Molten Cake ($3). A tip is to warm it up in the microwave before digging into this. The chocolate wasn’t cloyingly sweet, and there were bits of hazelnuts, which was a nice touch. The outer crust of the sponge had a little jelly-like consistency on a graham cracker biscuit base, this was a target hit on my chocolate button.

A closeup of the molten chocolate oozing out, yummy!
Beard Papa Sweets

230 Victoria Street
B1-12A Bugis Junction

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