Fish & Co, Suntec City Mall

Monday dinners are mostly no-fuss affairs, so when we passed by Fish & Co and saw the signboard advertising their '$9 Autumn Seafood Sensations promotion', we popped right in.

I got the Swiss Fish and Chips, a dory fish fillet battered and fried with cheese in the middle, topped with a cheese sauce. As per standard procedure, I asked for their lemon butter sauce and drizzled the whole pot in. It was creamy and cheesy and generous in portion (for the price). The portion was just right, enough not to feel sick from the dairy overload. I also changed the chips to rice, which was sprinkled with raisins, 2 pieces of teeny tiny squid and flavoured with a tinge of saffron. It was nice and fluffy and I wiped it clean, except for the raisins, I don’t care for raisins.

A close up of the fish.

The BF got the Captain’s Catch which was a dory fish fillet, breaded and topped with bbq sauce, and served with clams and rice. The tangy bbq sauce seemed a bit generic and straight out of a bottle but still, it went nicely with the fish. Both fish were fresh, although we wouldn’t be able to tell if it was frozen anyway because of the nature of dory fish (it keeps well when frozen).

The bill came up to $21.10, which was very cheap considering the portions. It was a simple, no-fuss dinner.

Service was quick, attentive, friendly and non-intrusive, although this could be due to the fact that it was a Monday night and it was fairly empty. A tip is to get the booth seats, much more comfy than the steel chairs.

Fish and Co

3 Temasek Boulevard,
B1-30, Suntec City Mall
Tel: 6835 0180
Open daily, 11.30am to 9.30pm


Anonymous said...

Hi friend, the bill is for two dish? or what else u ordered?

Bern said...

Yup, the bill's for those 2 dishes only, including GST of 7% and service charge of 10%.

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